900 Global Dream Big Pearl and Respect Solid Bowling Ball Review

900 Global Dreams Big with the Pearl and earns some Respect with the Solid Our Tester: Travis Celmer Tweener: 450 rpm PAP: 5 1/2 & 1/4 up Axis tilt: low Axis rotation: ~45 degrees Resume: PBA Eastern Region Titlist, 900 Global Staffer Thanks to Jeffrey Smith of Pure It Pro Shop, Lebanon, PA. Thanks to […]

900 Global Dark Matter and All In Bowling Ball Review

900 Global releases 2 new balls, the Dark Matter and All In. First Impressions Dark Matter: Beast house shot ball! Solid ball but nicely aggressive and booming on the backends. All In: Is this a Columbia Smack Down…Oops sorry. Smooth all-arounder that will keep you in the pocket all the time. Our Tester: Travis Celmer […]

900 Global Dream Big, Dream On, and Dream Bowling Ball Review

900 Global makes a splash. Check out the video, reviews coming soon.

900 Global Chemical X, Black Ops, Respect, and Respect Pearl Bowling Ball Review

More new stuff from 900 Global. Check out the video:

900 Global Bullet Train Bowling Ball Review with Digitrax Analysis

Shinkansen!   Our testers: Tweener: Jeff Dalton (300 rpm) Tweener: Norm Santos (350 rpm) Eric Deaton, Storm Staffer of Strike Mor Pro Shop drilled our test equipment. We are reviewing the 900 Global Bullet Train courtesy of Buffa Bowling. This is a fairly typical pin down layout. This will allow the ball to transition smoothly […]

900 Global Raw Profit Digitrax Analysis

900 Global Raw Profit These balls were all thrown by Ryan H, a very competitive local junior bowler, and averages between 210 and 220 in various houses, with a rev rate somewhere between 350 and 400.  The test shot is a medium-heavy THS. You will see that he generally throws the ball between 16.5 and […]

900 Global Raw Profit Ball Review

900 Global Favorite Ball Review

“Favorite Benchmark” A middle of the road benchmark ball from 900 Global. Drilling Won’t spend much time on drilling as this will vary and coverstock is 75% of the reaction. I was looking for a smooth, strong rolling reaction. As usual, I suggest to work with your local pro to find what best works for […]