14 vs 15 Pound…What’s the Story

14 vs 15 Pounds… Some time ago I wrote about 15 vs 16 pound bowling balls and the differences when dropping a pound. A majority of bowlers are throwing 15 pounds, with 16 pounds and then 14 pound equipment. It’s funny that years ago when 16 pound was the majority, it was thought to be […]

Tamer Bowling Sponsored Pure It Pro Shop Event #3

TamerBowling.com proudly sponsored the Pure It Pro Shop Event #3 at Cedar Lanes in Lebanon, PA on September 19, 20, and 21, 2014. As you may know, Pure It Pro Shop and Jeffrey Smith have partnered with TamerBowling.com to bring you the latest bowling ball reviews. They sponsor our efforts by providing bowling equipment and […]

World Series of Bowling: Final Day

Once again, David H reports from WSOB: The story I have now is the PBA added 3 feet in length to Viper, Chameleon and Scorpion and Brunswick World Championship.  And they added tons of extra oil to all 5 patterns.  This all seems to be an attempt to combat the beat up surface at South […]

WSOB V: Day 4 from Vegas

Day 4 brings us some more interesting information from the World Series of Bowling. David H reports: Got a chance to chat with Billy “O” Orlikowski of Brunswick.  Discussed the conventional thought about Brunswick equipment of early reaction with tame backends.  For those who’ve read our reviews of recent Big B pieces, you know this […]

World Series of Bowling, Day 3

Reporting from Vegas: Motiv is impressing.  They are sponsoring one of the events and putting more and more guys into the Top 24.  Today, Danny Wiseman was throwing the Primal Rage in the final game of Chameleon qualifying.  As an independent, Danny can throw anything he wants so it speaks to what Motiv is offering […]

News from World Series of Bowling

Reporting from Vegas… Well I’m not there but a friend of TamerBowling.com is spending a week out in Vegas checking out the action. Day 1-2: All animal patterns have changed.  There’s a lot more volume to each one.  On Cheetah, bowlers were playing pretty deep in qualifying.  Bryon Smith who we’ve seen play down and […]

Bicep Injury…Visit to “Sweet Lou”

So here we are again. I’ve taken my time to write about this as I am still hesitant. “Cautiously optimistic” would be the appropriate description of my feelings. How did we get here? Part 1. I started the story that originally started in 2009 (with pictures!!!). Part 2. I further discussed the issue with many […]

Bicep Injury…Part 3

Previously, I had discussed my personal injury. Unfortunately, it has kept me relatively uncompetitive for the last 3 years. I thought I had done everything the doctors and therapists said, yet here we go again. My saga has taken a turn for the worse. It seems I have likely torn my bicep again. Not even […]

Video Analysis of Coach T by Ron Hoppe

Recently, Ron Hoppe of the International Art of Bowling (IAB) performed a video analysis of a short video I sent him. I discussed it during the interviews with Jason Belmonte and Diandra Asbaty.  IAB is a coaching company Jason, Diandra, and Ron have collaborated to form. To give you a good idea of what it’s […]

Are Manufacturers Killing us with Equipment?

One of our friends recently wrote the following comments. I thought it was poignant and worth a more in depth look. David H wrote: Coach, first off, let me compliment you and everyone at TamerBowling. You and your staff do a great job of reviewing equipment. You have made yourself available to me to bounce […]