International Art of Bowling with Belmo and Diandra

Recently, professional bowlers and coaches Jason Belmonte and Diandra Asbaty sat down with us at Tamer Bowling to discuss their latest endeavor. Together with Gold Coach Ron Hoppe, they started a coaching company known as the International Art of Bowling or IAB. You can check their website out at They spend some time in […]

Belmo Talks about 2-Handed Bowling

Recently, Jason Belmonte gave a live interview where we talked about many things from the Player of the Year race to his favorite food. In the following two episodes, he discusses 2-handed bowling. In the first episode he addresses: How it all started How he developed to this level What 2-handed bowling can do […]

Belmonte for Player of the Year? Jason Talks…

  Jason Belmonte talks to about his chances of winning this year’s PBA Chris Schenkel Player of the Year. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jason Belmonte recently. The Australian two-handed sensation had a phenomenal 2011-2012 PBA season. It’s clearly a 3-way battle between Belmo, Sean Rash, and Mike Fagan for Player of the […]

Bicep Injury: Scapular and Core Weakness

As the next part of the discussion related to the bicep injury, here is a personal exchange I had with Mr. Paul Butcher. He is an orthopedic and sports medicine physical therapist at the New Mexico Sports Fitness and Physical Therapy practice. He writes monthly articles for Bowling This Month. Hello Mr. Butcher, My name […]

Vent on the State of the PBA

I don’t want to get into a rant of the state of bowling at large here. Rather, I’d like to express some dismay with the current PBA tournament structure. Basically, I’m not buying this as the future of the PBA. I think it’s totally unfair that the majority of the tournaments for a given year […]

The Bicep Injury

To start off the series on health, I wanted to discuss my own injury. Three seasons ago, in December 2009, I suffered a bicep injury. I was bowling two nights a week at that time and had started to feel strain in my bicep. At the time, I was averaging 230 and feeling pretty good […]

To Lift or Not to Lift

…that is the question! What’s the Story? Depending on when you started bowling, you may have been taught – formally or not – how to throw a bowling ball. There has always been, and remains, a teaching element to accuracy, which can be focused on to varying degrees. Then hopefully, we were all taught how […]

Ebonite Blueprint Software

Recently, I came across an interesting piece of software.  Since I already have Digitrax which was licensed to Ebonite, I was curious about this new software they have developed.  On the surface, it seems aimed at the pro shops and ultimately intended to help sell Ebonite International brand bowling balls. However, it is still fascinating […]

Where is the Sport of Bowling Going?

Where is the sport of bowling going? I recently read John Jowdy’s article “Are Modern Drilling Methods Technically Illegal?” in the September 2011 issue of Bowling This Month.  Mr Jowdy offers his opinion around today’s bowling ball technology and brings in a few bowling notables who wax poetic about where the sport has gone and […]

How Critical Is Layout Anyway?

Well, for those that require instant gratification, the answer is an emphatic yes. For those who want to be convinced, read on and make your own conclusion. Now for an explanation… I can tell you from an immediate experience how obvious this became to me. I have thrown other bowlers’ equipment here and there to […]