Storm Hy-Road Nano Bowling Ball Review

The Hy-Road in Nano form… First Impressions The Hy-Road Nano seems like a great sport shot ball. It’s cover dominant, especially fresh, and core just has enough lope to have some influence downlane. Smooth with reliable motion. Our Testers: Sean Jensen (Righty) Style: Power player RPM: 475 rpm PAP: 4 3/4; 3/8 up Average Speed: […]

Storm Match Up Hybrid Bowling Ball Review

The Hybrid is the Best Match Up… First Impressions Ball reaction bears clear resemblance to the Match Up family but the Hybrid cover offers a touch more smoothness. Our Testers: Tamer Elbaga (Lefty) RPM: 380 rpm PAP: 5 & 3/8 up Average Speed: 18 mph (at release) Axis tilt: low Axis rotation: medium Test Equipment: […]

Storm Intense Bowling Ball Review

The Intense Storm has arrived… First Impressions I was thinking how pretty much every ball I threw went off the deck straight between the 8-9. Then I realized, this ball has those success factors that Storm is known for. Length, heavy churn, heaviness and drive through the pins. Oh and we can’t get over how […]

Storm Marvel Pearl Bowling Ball Review

The Marvelous Marble Returns… First Impressions I’m so glad this legend was re-released. It’s a great ball to fill that middle of the road ball but in a different way than your solid symmetric like the IQ Tours of the world. Our Testers: Tamer Elbaga (Lefty) RPM: 375 rpm PAP: 5 & 3/8 up Average […]

Storm Match Up and Match Up Pearl Bowling Ball Review

These Balls Match Up… First Impressions It has been a long time since I found a Storm ball that is “lower end” that actually plays the way I want it to, an actual “ball down”. The Match Up Pearl is really a ball down and that’s a great thing in my book. The Match Up […]

Storm Code Red Bowling Ball Review

Storm has the Code…again First Impressions I like the Code Red more than the Code Black. It’s smoother overall and while the Code Black was the prototypical Storm skid/flip motion, this one is much closer to the smoothness of the HyRoad. Our Testers: Tamer Elbaga (Lefty) Style: Speed/Rev Matched Tweener RPM: 375 rpm PAP: 5 […]

Storm Torrent Bowling Ball Review

The Torrent Flows… First Impressions The Storm Torrent makes a strong visible but smooth move to the pocket. Looks like a nice middle of the road benchmark type ball. Our Tester: Doug Scheidig RPM: 325 rpm PAP: 5 & 1 up Average Speed: 15.75 mph Axis tilt: medium Axis rotation: medium Ball Weight: 15 pounds […]

Storm Sure Lock Bowling Ball Review

This is a Lock, for Sure… First Impressions We got a strong one here folks! This is another “oiler” that’s a super strong ball. The heavy roll is sure pretty. Our Testers: Bryan Hoffman (Righty) Style: Higher Tilt Stroker RPM: 375 rpm PAP: 4 1/4 & 1/8 down Average Speed: 17.5 mph (at release) Axis […]

Storm Timeless Bowling Ball Review

It’s Timeless.. First Impressions I’d like to say we were surprised by how much it hooks but it’s a Storm ball… Seems to have maximum efficiency through all phases meaning it hooks a ton. Our Testers: Tamer Elbaga (Lefty) Style: Speed/Rev Matched Tweener RPM: 375 rpm PAP: 5 & 3/8 up Average Speed: 18.0 mph […]

Storm Code Black Bowling Ball Review

Storm has the Code… First Impressions The Storm Code Black is the prototypical Storm ball if ever there was one. Good length and amazing punch down lane. This is what skid/flip looks like when done well. Our Testers: Wayne “Guy” Porr (Righty) RPM: 625 rpm PAP: 5 1/2; 1 up Average Speed: 20 mph (at […]