Storm Victory Road Solid Bowling Ball Digitrax Analysis Review



Storm Victory Road Solid Digitrax Analysis

Storm Victory Road Solid Digitrax Analysis

Kyle Hartzell of BowlerX and Eric Filipovits test the Storm Victory Road Solid. The testing was performed on a medium house tapered shot.

Kyle launches the ball just over 17.5 mph and the ball enters the pocket at just over 16 mph. He’s targeting 18 out to 7 at the breakpoint of about 43 ft. Kyle is able to generate almost 7 degrees of entry angle.  For Kyle, this ball is pretty smooth overall.  It is a moderate strength ball and despite the high entry angle, it has a booming move rather than a skid/flip type of reaction.  It reminds me a bit of the V2 or Gamebreaker.

Eric also launches about 17.5 mph and the ball enters the pocket at 17 mph.  He loses less speed overall because he is playing a deeper target and breakpoint, 20 to 10.  However the ball is even smoother for Eric as the breakpoint is 41 ft.

The overall motion of this ball is much more of a control ball or benchmark type.  If you’re looking for something to read the lanes with, this will be the ball to have.  I would say it’s not as aggressive overall as the HyRoad which is one of the most versatile balls ever, but it really makes a good go at being a solid benchmark ball.

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  1. Keaton Towns says:

    I bowled my first 300 with the storm victory road it is a great ball it can hit any were around the pocket and smash it i have it pin high it reacts great great ball all around

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