Brunswick Mastermind Brainiac and Einstein Bowling Ball Review

Brunswick continues the Mastermind series, Brainiac and Einstein show off their smarts…

Brunswick Mastermind Brainiac Bowling Ball

Brunswick Mastermind Brainiac Layout


Brunswick Mastermind Brainiac Bowling Ball

Brunswick Mastermind Einstein Layout


Our Testers:
Brandon Hinderer is a PBA Member as well as Brunswick and Vise Staffer.
Power Player: 450 rpm
PAP: 5 3/8 & 7/8 up
Axis tilt: 10-15 degrees
Axis rotation: >45 degrees

Thanks to Jeffrey Smith of Pure It Pro Shop, Lebanon, PA.
Thanks to Limerick Bowl in Limerick, PA.

Test Patterns:
41ft THS, 12:1, 24ml
House: Limerick Bowl, Limerick, PA

Brandon’s Brainiac Comments:


Grit: Box – 500, Royal Compound

Length: 8 / 10
Back End: 8 / 10
Overall Hook: 7 / 10
Midlane Read: 6 / 10
Breakpoint Shape: 8 / 10 Angular

The Mastermind Brainiac is the latest addition that is longer and stronger off the spot. With the Composite Pearl coverstock, the Brainiac will skid farther down the lane but has more recovery compared to the Scholar. The Mastermind Brainiac would work best when you need something that will clear the front part of the lane but still recover when reaching the friction. I have used this on a house shot or later in a tournament when I need to open up my angles because the front part of the lanes are hooking. Comparing it to the Einstein, the brainiac is about 4 boards less hook but has a stronger backend motion. The Einstein and Brainiac would make a great combination for house shots or sport shots. I have used this ball on a medium length sport pattern and it allowed me to play straighter through the front part of the lanes. It would be a great ball for medium oil or when you need to open up your angles because the lanes were breaking down in the front part of the lane.

Brandon’s Einstein Comments:

Grit: 4000

Length: 7 / 10
Back End: 8 / 10
Overall Hook: 8 / 10
Midlane Read: 8 / 10
Breakpoint Shape: Stronger midlane roll with continuation

The Mastermind Einstein has a modified lower RG core compared to the other Mastermind series balls. It also has a new composite coverstock additive that will create more continuation through the pins. The Mastermind Einstein will start up a little sooner compared to the Mastermind Intellect but will have a stronger continuous downlane motion. I have used this ball on longer oil patterns, and it gave me more overall hook compared to the Mastermind Intellect. I have also used this ball on a THS, and it gives me a stronger, controllable motion compared to the Mastermind Intellect. I haven’t had this ball overreact to friction and is one of my benchmark balls. Also, I can keep moving left to open up my angles and find more oil, and it still has enough energy to make it back to the pocket and carry. This is my favorite ball in the Mastermind line and will perform on many different oil conditions. I would recommend this ball for a THS and medium to heavier oil conditions. It takes well to surface changes, and I keep mine at 4000 to help control the overall motion with my higher rev rate.