I’ve been contemplating adding this column for a while now. I’ve spent the last few years with my own physical game issues. I’ve shared many of my learnings through various coaching tips but I thought there would be some value sharing the origin of some of these issues as you may be suffering from similar issues.

My dad used to take me bowling when I was a little kid but I really began to take it seriously in high school. University was a very busy time so I primarily bowled recreationally during those days. After that, I got back into it seriously and my love for the game has simply gotten more and more intense over time. I always find time for bowling and that’s why I started this website.

I learned to bowl in the early days of the advent of urethane and reactive resin. We were taught about lift and hooking the ball. The game has come a long way with technology and technique. Bowlers are stronger and throw with more revs and speed.

I believe there are a lot of people in my “generation” in bowling terms that love the game but have a hard time reconciling the game they learned and the game being taught today. For me personally, this attempt at transition has come with some physical issues.

So while I will spend a lot of time sharing coaching tips on the techniques, I also want to address the physical issues or ailments that can come about from this transition.

Just to give you some context on my background as it relates to health, I am a pharmacist by trade and hold a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. One of my concentration areas has been Diabetes with a Certification for Diabetes Management.

Disclaimer: Please understand that I am not offering medical advice here. As always, anything that you see should always be assessed carefully to find what suits you physically. I just want people to be safe and take care of themselves.

I do not plan to offer specific health advice. Rather, I just want to help piece together the cause and effect of ailments and our physical bowling game. If you have certain physical issues, you may be able to see how they relate to your physical game. At the same time, if we explain how they relate, you can infer how to avoid injuries with certain techniques.

I hope you find this new column useful.

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