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This site is dedicated to all things bowling. I will talk about bowling balls, techniques, coaching tips, honor scores, tournaments, anything you want. Typical House Bowlers will be able to discuss issues as they relate to the typical house shot. I will take the time to explain in detail tips that you might hear from your local pro. Beginners will be able to learn some basic beginner tips to get a good start to bowling with the right foundation. We will discuss bowling ball reviews, reactions, lane play, arsenals and so on. I intend to have in depth discussions on advanced game play, the physical game, different bowler types, etc.

Tell me when you roll a 300 or 800 series! Tell me when you roll your first 200! Tell me when that light bulb turned on and you figured out what was wrong in your game. Let’s share so that everyone can benefit.

I simply love this sport and as a USBC Certified Coach, I hope to help as many bowlers as I possibly can bowl as well as they can.

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    1. Hello. The Code Red has been discontinued some time ago. You might want to do a search online to see if anyone still has them or visit PureItBowling.com to buy something currently available.

  1. Hi Tamer Bowling Team,
    After watching your reviews and your favourites i was looking for an Ebonite Affinity (as im struggling with Roto Balls) and i was able to get one for small money (in a kind of sale….). I got it drilled immediately and indeed this ball is great. I am looking very much forward to use it in the coming bavarian championchips.
    Continue like this !!
    Thanks from a fan from Germany !

  2. I’m a lefty as you are and also like a down and in shot. Normally I throw to the 5 board at the arrows. I roll a 14 pounder in the mid 11 to 12 mph range. With all your experience could you recommend a top 5 bowling balls I could look at for my next purchase? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Robert. Sorry for the delay. I recently published my favorite balls in different categories. That’s probably the best place to start. Then you can pick and choose from different categories to create an arsenal. Good luck.

  3. I wanted to ask, what layout is good to push the ball straight then hook. I’m looking for a layout that i can use between 1st arrow and 3rd arrow. The Ball i’m looking at using is the 900 global boost black solid with a 2000 grit Abralon finish for medium to heavy oil lane conditions.
    Bowl: Right Handed
    Speed: 18.5-19.75 MPH
    Rev Rate: 478-497

    1. Layouts generally do not dictate ball motion, they only compliment it. So whatever the ball is intended to do, it will do it regardless of the layout. Only in extreme layouts could you really change ball motion significantly enough to even discuss heavily. Surface changes are much more effective in changing ball motion. So you could try polish and even more polish if you need more length. Any layout between 2″ – 6″ pin will have max 1-2 board difference hook overall. It’s miniscule. Polish could add 4 feet of length over 2000 grit abralon for example. Massive difference.

  4. Hi Tamer,
    First of all let me start with a big thank you. I live of your exallent reviews.
    I’m a speed dominent, medium rev and more of up-the-back bowler that plays mostly on a typical 40ft house shot.
    I currently bowl with Hammer Black widow Assasin but don’t quite get to the pocket. The ball usually skids to far with no lane read which forces me to move out, close my angels and play preety strait. I would like to open my angles more and see big ball reaction that will allow me to relax and bowl better hopefully.
    I’m seeking to buy a strong solid bowling ball for heavy oil conditions but having dificulty diciding which one of the five that caught my attention in your reviews and seem to be what i’m looking :
    Storm Phaze ||
    Motiv Jackal Ghost
    Roto Grip Halo
    Roto Grip No Rules
    Hammer Statement Solid

    How strong they are compare to each other?

    Would love for your advice.

    Thank you,
    Ofek Rubin

    1. Hello Ofek, Sorry for the delayed response. All that you listed are definitely stronger and will allow you to open up the lanes more. Of those, I would say the Phaze II and Jackal Ghost will be the most versatile. With your stats, I don’t mind seeing you in an asym so I’d probably lean towards the Ghost as it will generate good angle but also stronger motion that will benefit you I believe. Good Luck!

  5. I am between two bowling balls. An Ebonite game breaker 3 pearl and a Storm Hy road pearl. Are these balls at the same level and designed to do the same thing? Is the storm ball more pro level and in fact have a better made coverstock over ebonite? Why is there so much hatred for the ebonite brand? Will a fitted pro ball at 14 pounds be as easy to throw as a 13 pound house ball?

    1. Hi Dan, sorry for the delay. Thanks for reaching out. Storm balls are very popular because they are good but you could argue that the Ebonite Intl brands make excellent stuff as well. People will always talk about covers dying but guess what, they are just like performance tires vs regular all-seasons. Performance you may get 15k miles, regular AS, you may get 45k. You sacrifice longevity for performance. For where you are just switching from a house ball to a fitted performance ball, you should have no problem throwing 14. Probably easier to be honest. Honestly, I’d probably recommend looking at the Ebonite Destiny lines. They have great performance. The cover on that lasts a long time and they’re cheap. You will not see more performance as a beginner out of a GB3 vs Destiny for example. Good Luck!

  6. Hi there: Old man lefty of 3/4 century here. Still have most skills but having difficulties in later rounds of league bowling. 1st game today, started with my HyRoad original and did somewhat fine in the fresh but ball started to peter out in the middle of the game, so switched to my EDGE Pearl and immediately had 6 X’s in a row to finish the game on a high note. Started game #2 with 3 strikes and then ball started to go straight with little hook. Know the oil was moving down as the reason and finished game decently. 3rd game was total disaster due to oil moving down (I figure) but brought our my Carbon to give it a try. Very little movement and struggled through to the end. Left several 10 pins and missed due to ball(s) not making the right hand turn which is quite unusual for me. Know 2/3 of my balls are pearl & symmetric and figure that pretty much where my troubles lie. Thinking of purchasing a asymmetrical (have none) ball, to be exact, a BW Pink in hopes of getting a better turn in the later rounds of league bowling. Sorry if not enough information, but I’m only a novice @ the game and currently carry a 176 average of late & bowling for 15 years. Have followed you for some time (bookmarked your site) and good that your arm is better these days. Thank you for your time. Jim

  7. My daughter is a very good bowler for her high school team. They went to the IRTC in Arlington TX this past April. Her stats were she has the most consistent stroke but, I worry she is only bowling in the 9-11mph range.
    Would the Storm Physix or Astro Physix be a better ball for her to generate more revs and, ultimately, increased pin action?

  8. Hello..you mentioned on a video that you bought extra marvel pearls..Would you like to sell one of those? I have one but it is an original release from 2012 and it is very worn out.. I had it resurfaced recently to factory specs and still after about 3 games it starts to die flat and I’ve worn the lettering down so much you can hardly tell it’s there..it’s time for a new one lol.. Would you be willing to sell one?

    1. I only have one stashed but not willing to part with it at this time 🙂
      I’m sure if you check out FB Storm Roto Grip Bowling Balls For Sale Group, someone will have something for sale.

  9. I noticed your review on the Nuclear Cell. Is it correct that your test was done with a 14lb ball? Big numbers difference when going to the 15lb so it would be good to know.

    1. Hi Wayne. Yes the Nuclear was tested in 14lb. I realize the specs look quite different. The most important number is the differential. However, despite those differences on paper, we see pretty negligible differences between 14 and 15 with the Nuclear Cell. If you check out other reviews, you will see that the characteristics are not different at all. There are other balls I do have concerns with occasionally when it comes to specs. For example the original Badger balls were different on paper and on the lanes. However, the Cell balls are not one of them.

  10. I really like your series on the best bowling ball 2019-2020. I like how you divided it out. I have a question.
    If I had to choose from your 6 categories of a bowling ball arsenal, and condense it to just 4 categories, what should the 4 categories be?

    1. It really depends on your game. If you are middle of the road bowler, I would recommend: Strong Control, Mid Defined, Mid Control, Mid Late. This set will likely be the most versatile, therefore get the most use.

  11. I have recently taken up bowling after a 15 yr absent . I was throwing a 16 lb Columbia Piranha Ball ( best ball I’ve ever thrown ) I currently drop down to a 15 lb ball and thinking of going down to a 14 lb .The problem I’m having is hitting my target on the lane. When I was using the 16 lb it seemed my arm swing was much straighter and I was hitting my target more consistently . I am 71 yrs old and my my current ball speed is 18 -20 mph . I’m not nearly as strong as I use to be , could I be muscling my current ball and that’s why I can’t hit my target consistently.?

    1. Hi Dale. The biggest issue I found when I switched to 14lb was exactly that, “man-handling” the ball. It felt light that I was manipulating it in the swing so I was having a similar problem. It took me a while to eliminate that, truth be told. However, the rest of my body and wrist thanked me. If you want to stay with 14lb, you definitely just need to keep working at loosening the armswing as much as possible.

  12. Could you tell me or help me find any info/ball review for a PYramid Blueprint ? A frind gave me one, but I need to have it plugged and redrilled, but can’t find any info on it, as in good for oily laes, med-dry, good ball for a snap at the end or just an over all smooth transition ?

  13. Hi. You mentioned you have used 14lb balls. Any chance you have
    a Phaze4, or Storm Nova, Roto Grip Gem or an Altered Reality. Any of these in 14lbs and used. Thanks

  14. I’m 15 and heading into my sophomore bowling season. I would like to upgrade my arsenal here is what I have now.

    Proton Physix
    Phaze II
    Dark Code
    Zen Soul

    I am willing to consider any manufacturer

  15. I enjoy the information and reviews on Tamer Bowling. I am a senior bowler whose speed does not approach that of the reviewers. I wish there was a reviewer that reflected our reality. It would help when considering new equipment.

    1. Hi Bill. I completely understand the dilemma. I wish I could do more but you are welcome to ask questions in case I may be able to help.

  16. Hey Tammer. I LOVE your ball reviews. Once I called and spoke to a PBA PRO. We spoke for an hour or so and then he told me to go checkout Tammer Bowling for all my ball reviews because you do a tremendous job. I totally agree.. Question please… I have 12 bowling balls, all drilled differently, Urethane to pearl reactive to dull reactive, long, short, etc… At age 58, the ONLY ball I can throw today that won’t read the back of the lane and go sideways is my old Brunswick Fanatic BTU. I’d like to buy 3 new balls but I want the same smooth reaction like the BTU. Can you please recommend 3 balls that won’t read the back and go dead left leaving 3-4 split combinations like all my reactive stuff does? High revs, medium-low speed. THANK YOU

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Would love to know who the pro is that recommended to check us out. If you are only able to work with the BTU, then you must be significantly rev dominant, i.e., revs are overmatched for speed. So you may want to consider urethane or urethane-like balls. Check out our urethane comparison on youtube. https://youtu.be/OOJ1c3cQpM4
      You can build an arsenal with balls like these. I will warn that balls like the Zen U, Carbide Tank, and Rubicon UC3 are very strong so even while being a little smoother than reactive, will still require some volume or they can be a bit sideways or too strong. But you can get into something like the blue tank which I really like or purple urethane which is urethane but a bit on the angular side. Then you have your BTU. You can create a small arsenal of 3 balls. If you don’t need super strong, then you could do something like Blue Tank, Purple Hammer, and BTU.

  17. Hey there. Love your “3 Testers” reviews. So helpful to see reviews that aren’t just about one style. I’m closest to Brian with low revs, though he and I differ a bit. I want to update my Crux Prime and have several I’m considering (Widow 3.0, Theorem, Crimson Jackal), but its a bit of guesswork. I start from 5 boards right of the rightmost dot, and throw over the first arrow for my pocket hits, so not a ton of revs. Would love any suggestions for a ball that would work with my motion and still give me a strong left turn at the end and carry through. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for reaching out. Of those you mentioned, the only thing I’d consider as a possible direct replacement would be the Widow 3.0. You can also consider the 900 Global Eternity Pi. Even the new Harsh Reality is a possibility. Between those 3, you should be able to replace the Crux Prime.

  18. Hey Coach T.

    I live very local to you (I think) and am interested in one of the balls you have up for sale. Is there a good way to get in contact and potentially see the available balls?

      1. Hi again Coach T- I do not have a Facebook account (nor have much interest in getting one). Got an email address I can send a note to?

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