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Bicep Injury…Visit to “Sweet Lou”

So here we are again. I’ve taken my time to write about this as I am still hesitant. “Cautiously optimistic” would be the appropriate description of my feelings. How did we get here? Part 1. I started the story that originally started in 2009 (with pictures!!!). Part 2. I further discussed the issue with many … Continue reading Bicep Injury…Visit to “Sweet Lou”

Bicep Injury: Scapular and Core Weakness

As the next part of the discussion related to the bicep injury, here is a personal exchange I had with Mr. Paul Butcher. He is an orthopedic and sports medicine physical therapist at the New Mexico Sports Fitness and Physical Therapy practice. He writes monthly articles for Bowling This Month. Hello Mr. Butcher, My name … Continue reading Bicep Injury: Scapular and Core Weakness