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This site is dedicated to all things bowling. I will talk about bowling balls, techniques, coaching tips, honor scores, tournaments, anything you want. Typical House Bowlers will be able to discuss issues as they relate to the typical house shot. I will take the time to explain in detail tips that you might hear from your local pro. Beginners will be able to learn some basic beginner tips to get a good start to bowling with the right foundation. We will discuss bowling ball reviews, reactions, lane play, arsenals and so on. I intend to have in depth discussions on advanced game play, the physical game, different bowler types, etc.

Tell me when you roll a 300 or 800 series! Tell me when you roll your first 200! Tell me when that light bulb turned on and you figured out what was wrong in your game. Let’s share so that everyone can benefit.

I simply love this sport and as a USBC Certified Coach, I hope to help as many bowlers as I possibly can bowl as well as they can.

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Let’s get started!

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    1. Hello. The Code Red has been discontinued some time ago. You might want to do a search online to see if anyone still has them or visit PureItBowling.com to buy something currently available.

  1. Hi Tamer Bowling Team,
    After watching your reviews and your favourites i was looking for an Ebonite Affinity (as im struggling with Roto Balls) and i was able to get one for small money (in a kind of sale….). I got it drilled immediately and indeed this ball is great. I am looking very much forward to use it in the coming bavarian championchips.
    Continue like this !!
    Thanks from a fan from Germany !

  2. I’m a lefty as you are and also like a down and in shot. Normally I throw to the 5 board at the arrows. I roll a 14 pounder in the mid 11 to 12 mph range. With all your experience could you recommend a top 5 bowling balls I could look at for my next purchase? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Robert. Sorry for the delay. I recently published my favorite balls in different categories. That’s probably the best place to start. Then you can pick and choose from different categories to create an arsenal. Good luck.

  3. I wanted to ask, what layout is good to push the ball straight then hook. I’m looking for a layout that i can use between 1st arrow and 3rd arrow. The Ball i’m looking at using is the 900 global boost black solid with a 2000 grit Abralon finish for medium to heavy oil lane conditions.
    Bowl: Right Handed
    Speed: 18.5-19.75 MPH
    Rev Rate: 478-497

    1. Layouts generally do not dictate ball motion, they only compliment it. So whatever the ball is intended to do, it will do it regardless of the layout. Only in extreme layouts could you really change ball motion significantly enough to even discuss heavily. Surface changes are much more effective in changing ball motion. So you could try polish and even more polish if you need more length. Any layout between 2″ – 6″ pin will have max 1-2 board difference hook overall. It’s miniscule. Polish could add 4 feet of length over 2000 grit abralon for example. Massive difference.

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