900 Global Raw Profit Digitrax Analysis

900 Global Raw Profit

900 Global Raw Profit Digitrax Analysis
900 Global Raw Profit Digitrax Analysis with Hammer Swagga Comparison

These balls were all thrown by Ryan H, a very competitive local junior bowler, and averages between 210 and 220 in various houses, with a rev rate somewhere between 350 and 400.  The test shot is a medium-heavy THS.

You will see that he generally throws the ball between 16.5 and 17 MPH.  He’s targeting around the 14-15 board at the arrows and 6-7 at the breakpoint.  The Raw Profit generates a little under 6 degrees of entry angle.  The breakpoint is just over 41 feet which gives you an idea of the length of the pattern.

Ryan prefers to throw the Raw Profit on more difficult patterns as it seems to generate a consistent backend.  We’ve compared it to the Hammer Swagga which is of similar strength.  You will see that the Swagga actually generates slightly higher entry angles.  A telling figure is the hook power, which gives you an idea of how much the ball will move from the breakpoint to the pins.  These balls are pretty close, but the Raw Profit is generating just a tad less entry angle.  We find that actually adds to the control of the ball.

The 900 Global Raw Profit is a very capable solid reactive ball.  It’s capable of being a control ball and playing on the fresh shot.  It’s control also makes it a good ball for more competitive patterns.