Balls for Sale

I will be selling some of the equipment being used for the video ball reviews.
Most of these balls have very few games on them.
Let me know if you are interested in any of the equipment.

Balls available immediately:

900 Global Favorite
Less than 10 games

Motiv RX1 Recon
Less than 10 games

Ebonite Mission **SOLD**
Less than 10 games

Roto Grip Mutant Cell Pearl **SOLD**
Less than 10 games

Brunswick C-System Alpha-Max 16lb (RH) – 4 games
Storm Reign 16lb (RH) – 8 games
More to come…
Some older stuff I no longer use…
Storm Paradigm 15lb – 30 games


Storm Furious 15lb – 50 games
Storm Trauma 16lb – 75 games


Dynothane Vendetta 16lb- 50 games


Columbia WD orange/black 16lb


Please contact me with your best offer.  They don’t need to sit around collecting dust

3 thoughts on “Balls for Sale”

  1. See that a 900 Global Favorite was used in video. Is your Favorite listed for sale here the lefty ball, and if so how does one go about buying same. Price & shipping?

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