8 thoughts on “Brunswick Avalanche Urethane Ball Review”

  1. Is this cover really pure urethane ? – Ive tested this ball and is has a backend reaction out of this word .. well if compared to other urethane balls like the Storm Natural or Roto Grip Grenade, Goes longer Really good ball nevertheless, would have bought this one if I didnt already bought the Grenade

    But is it really urethane ? feels more like a ball with a low reactive coverstock.

    1. Hi. As far as I know, this is a true Urethane cover. The clear difference between it and most other urethane balls on the market is the fact that the Avalanche is pearlized. Clearly, it alters the ball motion as compared to the others. You can compare to the reaction I get with the Storm Natural compared to Ryan’s reaction in the Avalanche video. He is throwing slower, allowing for a stronger ball motion downlane. The Pearl urethane provides a complimentary reaction to the solid urethane, similar to an other solid vs pearl ball. In fact Storm will be coming out with a Natural Pearl which will provide a direct comparison. This should simply allow urethane to pick up later down lane than the solid cover. Keep in mind that Urethane reacts quickly in oil and slowly in dry so the reaction will be earlier and smoother than any reactive ball.

  2. Ok! thanks for the answer, It would be awesome to see a wide-review on the pearlized Natural compared to the original Natural. Great page btw!


    1. Hi Brett,
      Between the Storm Natural and Roto Grip Grenade, I could not find a discernible difference. They have very similar reactions. The Avalanche Urethane goes longer and has the potential for a slightly higher entry angle than the Natural or Grenade. That’s because it is a pearl coverstock. It still has a relatively mild and smooth backend reaction. I haven’t seen the Storm Natural pearl in action yet, but I imaging it will be a touch longer than the Natural with a slight increase in backend motion. These are still urethane balls so don’t expect to see a huge difference in reaction.

  3. awsome ball, i had a teal rhino with about a 7 to 10 board hook. and when i through the avalanch urathane i get thr same action. i really love my pro shop manager for drilling this ball with comfort. {THANK YOU LEE EIGHMY AND BRUNSWICK}. brunswick you produced a ball for people who use the hole lenght of the lane. {THANKS AGAIN BRUNSWICK} TIMOTHY SZCZESNY

    1. Hi Dave, It certainly could be. Just keep in mind if you haven’t seen urethane in action lately, it can be quite a step down from any reactive resin ball. I personally used to use a urethane ball in game 4 on any given night when it simply gets too dry, but have to square up quite a bit. Still a good option when the lanes call for it.

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