Ebonite Gamebreaker Digitrax Analysis


Ebonite Gamebreaker Digitrax
Ebonite Gamebreaker Digitrax

The Ebonite Gamebreaker Digitrax Analysis was done with our bowler, Kyle Hartzell of Bowlerx.com. The test was performed on a Medium THS.

You’ve probably already read my ball review so know I have some bias towards the overall ball reaction of the V2 core.  Nevertheless, this gives you a chance to visualize the ball track for yourself with the specs.

For Kyle, this ball is perfect for this medium condition.  The ball reacts very consistently on this pattern.  He launches at 18 mph and the ball enters the pocket at 16 mph.  As he did with his Virtual Gravity Nano, he is targeting 15 at the arrows and about 7 at the breakpoint, at 42 feet.  The Gamebreaker generates 6 degrees of entry angle for Kyle.  What is not immediately obvious in the digitrax analysis is where the ball finishes off the deck.  The V2 core sets up nicely, rolling with an extremely effective angle into the pocket and off the deck.  You can compare the hook power of 67 to the VG Nano.  You might think that they both have similar strength.  The truth is that on this condition, they do.  This is actually what makes the Gamebreaker more effective on the medium condition.  On this condition, it is much easier to be effective with the Gamerbreaker because the cover is cleaner through the heads with a little less traction in the oil.  This allows it to store a good amount of energy for downlane reaction.  The early movement of the V2 core with its very low RG matches up very well allowing it to set very well at the pocket for excellent carry.

If you were looking for a benchmark-type reaction, this is one to look for.

I’ve seen this ball be effective for bowlers of every type.  For all, it is best used on medium conditions, those that many of us will see day in and day out.  This ball reaction is perfect for first out of the bag.  Then decide what to do from there.  Enjoy this one while you can still get it as the core will finally disappear with the advent of new USBC rules.

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