Grab your Booties…

OK, I mean your shoe covers 🙂

When it’s raining out, what do you do when you enter the bowling center?
Some of this might sound obvious but I am still amazed at how often people almost fall over on their first throw of the night.  In case you are not aware, you really want to avoid getting the soles of your bowling shoes wet.  You definitely don’t slide and it takes longer than you think to dry out.

The obvious stuff…
When coming in getting your bowling shoes on, make sure you do not walk on the approach or the “bowling area”.  The bowling area is just behind the lanes.  It’s important not to get this area wet.  When you get your bowling shoes on, make sure you have shoe covers. 

Don’t forget to get your shoe covers back on if walk on the concourse or outside!  People forget this when they go to the snack bar or …the bar.

Be very careful with “foreign substances”.
Some people like to use slide powder or other substances to help.  Make sure this does not rub off on the approach!  

See Rule 12 from the USBC rules:

The application of any foreign substance on any part of the approach that detracts from the possibility of other players having normal conditions is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to talcum powder, pumice and resin on shoes, and/or soft rubber soles or heels that rub off on the approach.

In addition, in Commonly Asked Questions of the 2009-2010 Rulebook provides additional guidance.  It states that a bowler found to be in violation of this rule can be asked to immediately stop by a league officer.  If they do not, their games can be forefieted.

What can you do?You can use slide powder or other products, as long as they do not rub off on the approaches. You can also consider a brass shoe brush. You’ll want to find a balance between too slippery and too sticky.

Whatever you do, be safe and keep other bowlers safe by being courteous and following the rules.