Hammer Swagga Digitrax Analysis

Hammer Swagga Digitrax Analysis
Hammer Swagga Digitrax Analysis Box vs Polished

Ryan Hauck was the Hammer Swagga tester.  The test was performed on a medium house shot.

Ryan is launching the ball between 16.5 and 17 mph.  The ball enters to pocket just over 15 mph.  He targets just inside 15 at the arrows and 6-7 at the breakpoint.  The ball generates about 6 degrees of entry angle for him.

The Hammer Swagga is a relatively strong ball which works very well on medium-heavy to medium shots.  Once the shot starts to breakdown, the ball is a bit too strong.  This is part of the reason why we tested with polish as well to give you an idea of the difference.

With polish, Ryan has to slow the ball speed down to get it to read similar to the Box finish.  You will see that despite the reduced ball speed, the ball does push 1 foot further at the breakpoint before making its move.  In addition, the ball is actually slightly less angular on the backend as opposed to what you might expect with polish.  The core of this ball is very dynamic and drives the overall shape of the reaction.

In the end, while the ball is flexible enough for different surface finishes, we found that we preferred to use the ball in it’s out of box finish and the right condition.