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International Art of Bowling with Belmo and Diandra

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Recently, professional bowlers and coaches Jason Belmonte and Diandra Asbaty sat down with us at Tamer Bowling to discuss their latest endeavor.

Together with Gold Coach Ron Hoppe, they started a coaching company known as the International Art of Bowling or IAB. You can check their website out at

They spend some time in the first video talking to us about the interesting services they provide, what makes them unique to other bowling coaches out there.
As a brief highlight, they offer services like Skype a Coach where you get to have a Skype session with Jason, Diandra, or Ron and talk about whatever you like. Hopefully you’ll use the time to actually talk about bowling. 🙂

Another service is the Video Analysis. Here, Gold Coach Ron Hoppe uses his keen eye to make an assessment on your game through video you submit. In the second video, you can see a bit of the analysis Ron did on my video. I have to say I’m impressed by their style of coaching.

In the third video, Diandra and Jason talk about the Elite Youth Tour they started. Basically, they tried to create tour dedicated to youth bowling, allowing our children the opportunity to be exposed to competitive conditions in a tournament environment. They have fun with it but ensure the kids learn on and off-lane lessons on how to compete and be on tour. The youth ultimately bowl for scholarship money and invaluable experience. I think it’s a great think they are doing for the sport. If we will reinvigorate the sport, it will start with our youth.