Motiv Covert Revolt

Motiv Covert Revolt Bowling Ball Review with Digitrax Analysis

Motiv’s Covert Revolt is Overt in its Intentions…



First Impressions
The Motiv Covert Revolt is a juggernaut based on what we saw. Great overall motion and strength. While the ball’s looks are understated, its intentions are clearly to make a big move and destroy pins. Some bowlers are going to have fun with this piece. It’s the strongest of the Motiv balls we recently tested while still having a predictable motion.

Keep in mind that coverstock accounts for 70% of ball reaction, but the core creates the dynamic shape of the reaction. Your driller will alter the shape to suit your game.

Our tester:
Brad Crouse is testing the Motiv Covert Revolt. The young Crouse’s phenomenal bowling has helped him make Motiv’s Regional staff.
Power Tweener: 450 rpm
Layout: 50 x 5 x 45
Test Pattern: 41ft THS, 12:1, 24ml

Brad’s Thoughts:
Covert Revolt- Easily my favorite ball out of the ones I’ve drilled so far. Compares to an Ebonite Gamebreaker very closely, only difference is it’s a little stronger. Will easily be able to use this ball on most fresh long patterns & longer medium patterns. Ball is pretty strong but super controllable. It’s very easy to read the ball motion and it’s a very desirable ball motion for me.

Our Thoughts:
Rating: 9/10
The Covert Revolt is a great looking ball, looks and reaction. It really helped create a strong but controllable reaction for Brad. It seemed to smooth out the THS more so than the other pieces he was testing.
The Vanquish core has an RG of 2.47 and Diff of .056 which makes it a strong and rolly core. The Turmoil HFS solid cover finished at 3000 grit sanded matches up very nicely to the condition.
Typical bowlers with less revs than Brad will definitely see more use out of this ball due to its versatility. While Brad can still manage to use this ball on the medium volume THS, he can more easily use the Venom Shock so he doesn’t have to work as deep. Medium to lower rev bowlers will easily be able to use this ball on a medium THS as the first ball out of the bag. It’s consistent move off the spot and blending the end of the pattern will keep bowlers in the pocket for a long time. When it starts to read early, there are nice compliments in the Motiv line to step down to, including the Venom Shock.

Comparison video:

3 thoughts on “Motiv Covert Revolt Bowling Ball Review with Digitrax Analysis”

  1. Good to see the Tamerbowling reviews back online!

    These pieces look good. In prior years Motiv had the reputation that the balls would not hit on the backend. Looks like they have fixed that problem. These balls hit really hard.

    1. Thanks David. We’re getting a bunch of balls lined up for reviews again.
      The Motiv pieces are impressive. Granted, Brad makes everything look pretty good, but you can see what these balls are capable of. Plus they’re pulling in some young PBA guys…ahem…EJ Tackett…

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