Motiv Primal Rage

Motiv Primal Rage Bowling Ball Review with Digitrax Analysis

Motiv is Primal…



The Motiv Primal Rage has been a raging success for Motiv and it’s understandable. Motiv is now on the PBA Tour and has gotten some good young guns sponsored. Now they’ll have to perform on the house shots out there for us everyday Joes.

Our tester:
Brad Crouse is testing the Motiv Primal Rage. The young Crouse’s phenomenal bowling has helped him make Motiv’s Regional staff.
The equipment was drilled by Jeffrey Smith at Pure It Pro Shop in Lebanon, PA.

Power Tweener: 450 rpm
Layout: 60 x 4.25 x 40
Test Pattern: 41ft THS, 12:1, 24ml

Brad’s Thoughts
Primal Rage- This is the second one I’ve drilled. I like this pin up one more than the pin down one I drilled in the past. Ball is very predictable and will be a great ball for when medium patterns burn up. I’ll still be able to move left with the ball and it’ll still go through the pins well while still being controllable.
I’m very glad I have this awesome opportunity with such a great growing company. The equipment continues to get better and better. People will see the great things continue to come from Motiv.

Our Thoughts

In theory, the Motiv Primal Rage covers about the same volume patterns as the new Covert Revolt. However, the Primal Rage is intended to be more angular while the Covert Revolt is more controllable. In the end, that’s truly how it works out.
The balls are actually very different in design and reaction. The Primal Rage uses a Fusion Pearl Reactive cover and the Impulse V2 core has an RG of 2.55 and .050 diff for a 15 pounder. When you compare to a solid covered Covert Revolt with a much lower RG, you easily understand why. For Brad, the Covert is easily more versatile because he has more hand than most bowlers. The Covert adds control that helps him stay in the pocket with more ease. The Primal is a bit more fidgety and pushes longer before snapping. This gave him some over/under at times on our house shot. For people with less hand, it is possible the Primal Rage gives that extra punch over the Covert Revolt to give them added carry.
Motiv fans, you have a tough decision to make…

Comparison video: