Perfection or Excellence?

Is it the same thing?
Well…not exactly.
Perfection: An exemplification of supreme excellence
Excellence: The state of excelling or being exceptionally good

Sounds pretty close doesn’t it?
I like to think of it in bowling terms. What do you relate to perfection? Most people I know think 300! Well, bowling a 300 all the time is simply not possible. So we maybe be perfect at times, but we won’t most of the time.

Can we be Excellent?
I’d like to think so. We can strive to be “exceptionally good”. We can do out best to make each shot count.

OK what’s the point?
Well, I’d like to suggest that your goal should always be excellence. Focus on making the best shot you can make each time. Don’t worry about shooting a 230, 260, or even 300. The way to get to these scores is excellence in execution…and a little bit of luck 🙂 . The better you execute, the less luck you will need to rely on.

Execute every shot, every time. Post your shots! You’ll feel it when you execute a shot well. We all know what that feels like. The result may not always be what you expected, but you can be proud that you executed the shot exceptionally well. Don’t forget your spares either. A lot of bowlers tend to lose focus and not execute their spare shots well. Hey, I’m guilty of it too sometimes, especially on a THS when there’s simply a large margin of error.

Go for EXCELLENCE with each shot and PERFECTION is bound to come!

2 thoughts on “Perfection or Excellence?”

  1. I think excellence is being consistent. I’d personally rather have a 200 average made up of scores between 185 and 215 than being the guy who bowls between 150 and 250. Excellence is also the person who in addition to being consistent is increasing his/her average until that person reaches his total potential.

    1. Hi Hugh, I agree. Consistency is the key to this sport. It’s a topic worth delving into further in the near future.

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