Post Your Shots!

Well…DO IT!!!

The fall season is right around the corner. Time to get the rust off! If you go practice, that first shot is going to feel really awkward! It’s time to get your body back into the swing of things. So instead of going into a detailed topic right away, I’ll start with one simple one…sort of.

If there’s anything that you can do that will instantly bring things together, it’s posting your shot.
Generally speaking, if you can post your shot, then you’ve probably executed a good shot. A lot of things need to be executed correctly in your approach and delivery to be able to have the balance it takes to post a shot. We could talk a lot about early timing, late timing, length of the backswing, height of the backswing, release point, on and on… However, if you could work backwards and think about being balanced at the foul line, many of those things come together, especially if you’ve already spent considerable amount of time on these various individual things. Even if you haven’t, it still something that’s easy to remember and great to work on.

So rather than focus on those individual things here, we will work backwards from the endpoint, a balanced position at the foul line. You want to be able to finish balanced on your foot, with the other leg outstretched behind your body.

Take a quick look at this video for an example of posting the shot. Starting from 1:25, you can see my delivery from the back view. I’m not a pro and I’m reusing one of my videos so no flaming 🙂
The main thing to notice is balance when the ball is released and maintaining the position until the ball reaches the pins.

If you prefer to watch actual pros do it, here you go. Check out Chris Barnes at 0:45 and the replay at 1:03 from the rear view. You can also see Norm Duke at 1:45 and a still shot at 2:09.

Posting the shot is very hard to do if:

  • You release the ball past your ankle
  • If you muscle the ball
  • If you plant too soon and your arm is still in the backswing
  • If you plant too late and the ball is in front of you
  • If you walk faster than your backswing
  • If you… you get the idea

So if you tend to overthink a whole bunch of things, just stop and try to post your shot. You may find that all the other things come together naturally.

So I’ll keep this one short for those who are just getting back into it. So whether you’re just starting up again or have been bowling all summer, it sometimes helps to simplify.

Post your Shot! You’ll thank me for this quick reminder…

Good Luck!