Pyramid Pathogen X Bowling Ball

Pyramid Pathogen X Bowling Ball Review

The X factor…

First Impressions
Like I expected, the Pathogen X has easy length and flip down lane. For those who like the skid/flip reaction, I think this could be a killer, especially for summer THS where lower volumes typically prevail.

Our Testers:
Tamer Elbaga (Lefty)
Style: Speed/Rev Matched Tweener
RPM: 375 rpm
PAP: 5 1/2 & 1/8 down
Average Speed: 18.0 mph (at release)
Axis tilt: low
Axis rotation: medium/high
Test Equipment: 14 Pounds

Kevin Forman (Righty)
Style: Speed/Rev Matched Tweener
RPM: 375 rpm
PAP: 5 1/8 & 9/16 up
Average Speed: 18.0 mph (at release)
Axis tilt: low
Axis rotation: medium
Test Equipment: 15 Pounds

Thanks to Greg Bickta and Perfect Aim Pro Shop.
Thanks to Limerick Bowl in Limerick, PA for providing the test lanes.

“Keep in mind that coverstock accounts for 70% of ball reaction, but the core creates the dynamic shape of the reaction. Your driller will alter the shape to suit your game.”

Test Pattern:
40ft THS, 22ml

The Pyramid Pathogen X offers a strong value proposition due to the low cost, similar to the first Pathogen.

The Pathogen X uses the New Era 139 Symmetric weight block along with a pearl GPS Navigational coverstock. Cover is finished with a 2000 Grit Abralon/Factory Finish Polish. For a 15lb ball, it has an RG of 2.55, diff of .032.


The Pyramid Pathogen X adds pearl to the coverstock and thereby length and flip over the original Pathogen. While I find the bright green of the original more attractive, many will still like the X’s creamsicle look. As mentioned in the first impressions, from the first ball I can see it has very easy length. What it does down lane is what makes it a likely candidate to tackle your typical house shots. Most house shots are somewhere between 38 and 42 ft in length, with a high ratio of oil meaning there’s higher volumes inside than outside, creating a huge funneling effect. The other characteristic of THS is that backends aren’t as crisp as sport conditions. Therefore, having something that stores more energy is the ticket quite often. So back to the Pathogen X… If you throw this out to the friction, you really see it’s shape and capabilities. It likes and needs to see some friction. When it does, it revs up quick and makes a tight turn to the pocket. Miss in and it will change the shape drastically making it skid quite a ways which could have it hit flat. Unless you rev it up or put some surface, you will not really want to challenge this ball with higher volumes.

Both Kevin and I saw similar ball reactions. Easily clean and strong fast movement off the dry boards. It took me a few shots to realize I just have to get deeper to get to the pocket and it just kept coming back. It took a huge move left for me to finally lose the pocket. Kevin is more up the back with less side rotation so he can play with less overall board coverage. Just the same, he can get deeper and still saw the ball make a strong move downlane back to the pocket.

In terms of misses, I mostly saw “over” reaction on misses. I don’t recall seeing one “under” reaction as my tendency was to grab it a bit worrying it’s too clean. The worry was unwarranted on this condition. I could have afforded to miss out more to give myself some forgiveness. For Kevin, he had decent room but also more room to miss outside. When he gets outside into the higher friction plus his more forward roll, he had the pocket but less carry. Misses in weren’t holding for either of us as the ball is too quick reacting off the dry.

Final Thoughts
As a lefty with a good amount of side rotation, I don’t gravitate to flippy pearl bowling balls. Generally, Kevin doesn’t either. However, for those who have less side rotation and have the ability to control the backend motion or those that need help down lane, the Pyramid Pathogen X could be a good option for those really “hot” lanes that spark in the summer as the conditions seem to just get drier. If you like to throw it away from the pocket and watch a boomerang, the Pathogen X is your ball. For both of us, we felt like we could find the right condition and frame of mind to score big with this ball if we chose.