Roto Grip Bandit

Roto Grip Bandit Bowling Ball Review

An Angular Mid-Level Pearl Replacing the Nomad Pearl
Roto Grip Bandit

Kyle's Layout
Kyle's Layout

Eric's Layout
Eric's Layout

Remember that coverstock accounts for 70% of ball reaction, but the core will create the dynamic shape. Your drilling will alter the shape to suit your game and conditions you bowl on. Kyle Hartzell of BowlerX is our tweener tester. Eric Filipovits is our high rev tester. Let me briefly describe the layout and what it’s intention is. Kyle’s layout is 66 x 4 x 33. Eric’s layout is 75 x 5 3/4 x 35. Generally speaking, both will delay the roll and have a quick transition at the breakpoint.
Please work with your local pro shop operator to find what best works for you.

First Impressions
Wow, this ball really moves that much at the breakpoint?? Can it fill the Nomad line’s shoes? Apparently so. Roto Grip’s Bandit release is more than capable of generating the same strong move at the breakpoint as the Nomad Pearl offered. People are going to be impressed with this ball’s skid/flip motion.

Value 8.5/10
The Roto Grip Bandit and its linemate, the Outlaw offer strong performance for the money. These days, this is what is expected.

The new Caliber core has an RG of 2.57 and differential of .048. This core really does store tons of energy for downlane motion, especially paired up to the new pearl cover. It really allows this ball to have a predictable and very defined move at the breakpoint. There’s nothing soft about the transition. The drilling probably also takes advantage of the core’s characteristics to create this motion.

Cover 8.5/10
The Bandit use the new Inception Pearl coverstock. It’s clean through the heads and allows the core to do it’s thing. I can’t comment on longevity at this point being brand new. However, it seems very well matched to this core and it’s a clear and distinguished step up from the Rising Star.

Reaction 8.5/10
Honestly, I can’t remember a ball that was this strong off the spot in a while. It really continues the Nomad Pearl’s tradition of making a strong defined move at the breakpoint. It doesn’t come off as uncontrollable either. Send it wide and don’t be afraid that it won’t make it back. The ball really stores plenty of energy allowing for a substantial energy transfer. It defines skid/flip. You can then drill it to take advantage of it or tame it down. It’s really up to you. This appears to be a ball that will allow you to open up your angles and open up the lanes once there is a broken in breakpoint and some burn. I’m always a little leary of using this type of ball on the fresh, especially if you have it drilled to take advantage of the skid/flip characteristics of the core, but I think this ball will work on fresh and broken in, while the transition period might be when it is a bit over/under.

Overall 8.5/10
The Roto Grip Bandit offers that impressive skid/flip reaction that many bowlers love to see. It also offers a predictable strong move so can be used on fresh shots as well as broken down shots. You might get some over/under with this type of aggressive move in transitions so look out for that. However, I think this motion will not disappoint those looking for that strong move at the breakpoint. It’s a nice addition for Roto Grip.