Storm Freak’n Frantic Bowling Ball Review with Digitrax Analysis

This one is definitely Frantic on the Backends!!

Storm is set to release the new Freak’n Frantic in May.

Storm Freak'n Frantic Bowling Ball

Storm Freak'n Frantic Layout
Stroker: 55 x 4.25 x 40
Storm Freak'n Frantic Layout
Tweener: 65 x 5.5 x 40
Storm Freak'n Frantic Layout
Cranker: 80 x 4 x 50

Our testers:
Stroker: Jeff Dalton (300 rpm)
Tweener: Norm Santos (350 rpm)
Cranker: Sean “Revz” Patterson (565 rpm)

Eric Deaton, Storm Staffer of Strike Mor Pro Shop drilled our test equipment.
We used a pin up layout for the Storm Freak’n Frantic to compliment it’s intended use.  Layouts are in the pictures above.  Stroker and Cranker will get medium to large flare.  Tweener will get small flare.  All will more or less get a clean reaction through the heads and a strong transition at the breakpoint.
Remember that coverstock accounts for 70% of ball reaction, but the core will create the dynamic shape. Your drilling will alter the shape to suit your game and conditions you bowl on. Please work with your local pro shop operator to find what best works for you.

Test Patterns:
THS: Modified Kegel Stone Street, 42 ft, 20 ml

NOTE: We used a second shift instead of fresh to simulate what bowlers might be seeing with lower volumes.

First Impressions
If you want skid/flip, you got it with this one. A strong smell but I won’t give it away. I’m not crazy about all the swirly colors but this one actually looks pretty nice going down lane.

Price 8.5/10
This ball will be reasonably priced in the mid level price point. It offers a lot of motion on the backends.

The N.O.S. core is reused from the previous 2Fast and 2Furious line as well as the Frantic, Fringe, and Manic. It has an RG of 2.53 and differential of .045. This is a core that naturally creates medium length and reasonable backend. It is meant to be a bit smoother overall than the Turbine core it replaced in the Hot Line a couple of years ago but with this cover, it’s not.

Cover 8.0/10
The Storm Freak’n Frantic uses the venerable R2S in pearl form. We’ve seen this cover so often but it works and my guess is we will continue to see it for some time to come. This is a cover that is very clean through the fronts and has fairly quick response to dry boards. As always, the R2S cover is very versatile and you can make any adjustments you wish. I do believe the R2S pearl is less versatile than the solid and hybrid versions, but a good cover nonetheless.



Storm Freakn Frantic Digitrax AnalysisStorm Freakn Frantic Digitrax Numbers


Jeff saw probably the biggest backend reaction he’s ever had with the Freak’n Frantic.  Seeing 6.6 degrees of entry angle was a revelation for him.  The Freak’n Frantic had a very clean reaction through the heads and reacted very quickly to the dry.  Since Jeff typically doesn’t get a violent reaction off the dry, it was fun to throw it away from the pocket and watch it come back.  He had a lower than average look in terms of carry on the second shift condition.  However, on the fresher condition, he was shooting lights out.  While we didn’t expect to use a skid/flip ball on the fresh, it gave Jeff the strong read off the end of the pattern going through the pins so strong.  So in the end, the Freak’n Frantic was excellent for Jeff on the fresher shot.

Norm had an average look with the Freak’n Frantic on the second shift condition.  Because of how quickly the ball responded to friction, he needed to keep it in the oil a little longer and use deeper lines to the pocket.  Norm saw 5 .1 degrees of entry angle as he kept his breakpoint just inside the 9 board on this 42 foot pattern.  He was able to get lined up and find the pocket with ease.

Sean as usual will be the deepest of all of our testers with his rev rate.  Again, he will typically get the highest entry angle and he saw 7 degrees with the Freak’n Frantic.  No surprises here.  The ball is easy to get down lane as it was for the other testers with a very quick reaction to dry boards.  It makes it a little tricky but Sean was generally able to trust the ball to the outside and watch it come back.  At times, he saw some over/under because of the very quick reaction to the dry.

For all of our bowlers, the Freak’n Frantic was very clean through the heads and was easy to get push.  It also reacts very quickly to dry boards for all of our bowlers.  Our stroker had the nicest look on fresher shots as it gave him backend he rarely sees.  For the others, it was a little more over/under with the higher rev rates.  In the out of box finish, this ball will be a bit condition specific.  Depending on the type of bowler you are, your speed, axis tilt, and rotation, you’ll find the condition that it works best on.  Then it will be absolute money.  If you find the over/under with it, put it away quickly.  If you like to watch that side to side motion, the Freak’n Frantic is definitely the ball for that.