Storm Reign On Bowling Ball

Storm Reign On Bowling Ball Review with Digitrax Analysis

The CAM core continues its Reign…
Now with the venerable R2S Hybrid cover of Hy-Road infamy, The Reign On splashes onto the scene.


Our testers:

Layne Sandt (425 rpm)
Brad Crouse (450 rpm)

Lee Sandt of BowlerX drilled our test equipment.

Layne's Layout
Layne’s Layout
Brad's Layout
Brad’s Layout

Layne’s layout is intended to get into a medium roll with a slower transition and high track flare potential.  For Brad, his layout will allow for more of a skid snap reaction where he’ll have strong motion and quick transition off the dry.

Remember that coverstock accounts for 70% of ball reaction, but the core will create the dynamic shape. Your drilling will alter the shape to suit your game and conditions you bowl on.
Please work with your local pro shop operator to find what best works for you.

Test Pattern:
THS: Modified Main Street, 41 ft, ~20 ml

First Impressions
A Storm piece with some surface that works, what a surprise… The venerable R2S Hybrid is given a 4000 grit surface to give the Reign On a smooth but potent punch at the pocket.

Value 8.5/10
A versatile mid-priced ball always offers pretty good value. R2S Hybrid…enough said.

For the Reign On, Storm once again continues using the CAM core. With an RG of 2.57 and differential of .048 for a 15 pound piece, the CAM core has proven to be pretty versatile installed in various coverstocks.

Cover 9.5/10
The Reign On continues the long tradition of utilizing the R2S Hybrid cover. This cover has been introduced and reintroduced in many pieces. The R2S cover is still on of my favorites of all time and it has proven itself over and over again. At some point, I can envision given this on a 10/10 since I can’t think of another cover with this longevity and consistency.




As you can see from the Digitrax Analysis, both bowlers had around 5.5 to 6 degrees of entry angle.  Brad is playing deeper and has Track #1 above.

The Storm Reign On seems to match up well to the lanes we were testing on.  Generally, putting some surface on our equipment works best in this house.  The Reign On with it’s 4000 grit finish is just enough to offer consistent traction for our bowlers.  Overall, the ball still generates a lot of controlled motion.  Generally, the Reign On has moderate length and a strong transition through the hook phase.  Again, we find that balls that are moderately strong can be tricky to use on these conditions.  What I mean is that for our testers with decent amount of revs, the Reign On is quite strong.  As such, they have to get deeper to find more oil.  This means the ball could be slightly less punchy than if you could play a more direct line.  The pin down reaction will work better from more direct lines where as Brad with his pin up layout was able to get a fairly strong move through the pins as the ball makes a strong transition further downlane.


Overall 8/10

The Storm Reign On is going to offer pretty good versatility for many bowlers out there.  The core allows for decent downlane reaction while the 4000 grit finish on the R2S Hybrid offers enough bite to balance the ball reaction out where it’s not all downlane motion.  Rather there is a fair midlane hook transition which makes this ball a little more versatile.  If you are a stroker or tweener, you will likely have no trouble using this ball on many house shots as the first ball out of the bag.  While some with a little more hand may need a house shot which is a little heavier than medium to effectively use the Storm Reign On,