Storm Tropical Heat Solid

Storm Tropical Heat Solid Digitrax Analysis

Storm Tropical Heat Solid

Kyle Hartzell of BowlerX is our tester for the Storm Tropical Heat Solid. The testing was performed on a medium house tapered shot.

Kyle launches the ball 18.27 mph and the ball enters the pocket at 16.45 mph. He’s targeting just inside the 3rd arrow out to 6 or 7 at the breakpoint of about 41.5 ft. It is capable of generating pretty high entry angles and for Kyle, he gets just about 6 degrees.  The ball comes out of box at 1500 grit polished.  It generates comfortable length and creates a nice strong move on the backend.  This is not a very flippy ball, but rather creates a nice strong booming move.  You can see the small difference compared to the Hybrid in the track above.  The hybrid will cover less boards, push just a little bit longer, and create a very slightly stronger backend motion.  The Hybrid actually seems to be a bit more solid than pearl so these 2 balls are pretty close.

I would have to consider this ball to be one of the best values on the market.  It excels on medium conditions and has enough backend motion to be played deeper on slightly lighter conditions.  You can take your pick between the Solid or Hybrid as your benchmark ball, but the solid is a bit stronger and just a tad smoother.  If you need to ball down, the Tropical Heat Pearl will fit that slot.  This is a very solid lineup from Storm.

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