Storm Victory Road Digitrax Analysis


Victory Road Digitrax Analysis
Victory Road Digitrax Analysis

The Digitrax Analysis was done using Bradley Crouse as the bowler.  The test was performed on a Medium/Medium Heavy THS.

For Bradley, the Victory Road is a very controllable ball that he is able to use as his benchmark.  In this test, he is using a small belly on this slightly heavier than average condition house shot.  Bradley is launching the ball at 17.23 mph and it enters the pocket at 14.66 mph.  The target is 13 at the arrows out to a breakpoint of around 8 at 40 feet.

Bradley is generating 4.7 degrees of entry angle.  That may not appear as much, but it is a fair amount for compared to his other equipment and it is plenty of angle to carry very well.  In addition, this is a slightly heavier condition, requiring the bowler to push his breakpoint further inside.  I’ve long argued high entry angles are not as ideal as many think and ultimately, 4 to 5.5 degrees is more effective for overall carry.  By comparison, Bradley gets less than 4 degrees with his 2Fast.  While he considers his 2Fast to be his personal benchmark because of it’s overall smoothness, the Victory Road is the one capable of being the step up in strength as well as higher backend pop.  The increased backend by no means makes the ball uncontrollable, but rather generates a smooth transition to a booming move and roll to the pins.

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