Storm Virtual Gravity Nano Digitrax Analysis

Virtual Gravity Nano Digitrax Analyis

The Storm Virtual Gravity Nano Digitrax Analysis is taken with our bowler, Kyle Hartzell of  The test was done on a medium THS.

You can see that the ball is capable of covering many boards and has a Hook Power of 66.  You can keep this number in mind to compare to other equipment.   Kyle launches the ball at 17.5 mph and the ball enters the pins at 16 mph.  Targeting the 3rd arrow, the breakpoint is out between 6 and 7.  The breakpoint is at 42.5 feet.  Kyle is able to generate 6.5 degrees of entry angle with the VG Nano.

While this is not Kyle’s favorite ball on this condition, you can see how much hook the ball is capable of.  The shape of the ball reaction is a big booming backend.  This ball will roll more consistently on a heavier condition as you will not have to try to force it, especially if you have decent hand.

For those who are strokers or have a little less hand, this ball can be playable in this condition.  What I can also see higher rev bowlers doing is using this ball to break down the pattern a bit to make it playable for medium equipment.  This is definitely a lot of ball on a medium condition if you have decent hand.

Either way, this is a heavy oil ball which is still very capable of some pretty big backend and high entry angles.

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