For this installment, I want to cover my favorite Strong Control balls for 2019-2020. Again, if you didn’t see the explanation video, check it out to explain the new categories. This category is a step down from the Strong Defined Category. Specifically, they are smoother downlane. They should still be reading slightly earlier than the end of the pattern. It will make sense when you see what fits in. Again, this is about arsenal building. So this group is the Strong Smooth ball in your bag.

Again, I will talk about 6 balls but covering spots 1-4. That means there’s another tie or two somewhere so let’s jump in.

#4 900 Global Volatility
The #4 ball is the 900 Global Volatility. This is an interesting one. Some might think this ball could fit in the first category as top of the bag. However, in my testing, this ball is much smoother than those balls. Since the top of the bag of arsenal building in my estimation should be Strong Defined motion, the Volatility motion doesn’t really fit there. It definitely reads before the pattern but is very slow and smooth downlane. That to me defines it into this category and it’s a really good ball in that regard.

#3 Storm Pro-Motion, Track Tactix
The #3 ball is pseudo-tie. I will start with the Track Tactix. This is a mild asymmetric ball but for me it’s not huge side to side. Just gives me supreme control feeling early enough to read the pattern while still having good drive even if it’s not sideways as as defined angular downlane motion of the bigger asyms. It stays fundamentally because it’s still in the lineup but will eventually be scarce as the pre Brunswick EBI balls are phased out. With that in mind, the true #3 is the Storm Pro-Motion. This is ball I can easily recommend in the handful of recommendations I would make for this slot. In my mind, SPEC works significantly better with this application than any other. The core has strong transitions but the cover smooths it out. So you get smooth and strong. What slightly holds it back is as you use it it starts to slip into the next category of Mid Control as the cover has less bite. That’s probably true with any ball but I can see this ball walking the line between the Strong Control and Mid Control which keeps it out of the top spots.

#2 Motiv Rogue Assassin, Storm Axiom
The #2 is a true tie to me. Both balls are current lineup balls in their respective brands. Both balls use very strong covers and have a smooth continuous motion. Maybe it’s a copout to have 2 #2s but honestly, I would be happy with either ball and that’s the stand out factor to me. The Motiv Rogue Assassin is a great option in the Strong Control category. Motiv has made some fantastic solids and this is the same cover as the Jackal Ghost which you all know we love. Then add the Sigma core to it. We loved the Rogue Blade in our favorites last year. The bottom line is this ball seemed to work for all our testers but more importantly, for me. The other #2 is the Storm Axiom. This is one we just tested recently. Strong cover, reliable smooth move. I mentioned I could replace the Phaze II in my bag and I wouldn’t be hurt. I think that’s high praise considering we are talking about the Phaze II. With that, you might ask where is the Phaze II?

#1 Storm Phaze II
Well onto the #1 and the king of the Strong Control category remains the venerable Phaze II. I know I’m not alone in feeling this is a great ball. You can’t watch a single PBA show without seeing 1 or 2 of these rolling down the lane. A fresh Phaze II is particularly strong. In fact, I could argue it could even fit in the Strong Defined category. However, get a few games on it and it settles dead squarely and beautifully into this Strong Control category. And while I could theoretically replace this with the Axiom, I don’t have to because I still have the Phaze II.

So there you have my personal favorites in the Strong Control category. This is basically ball #2 in your arsenal in a 5-6 ball arsenal.