What is your targeting system?

Firstly, what is your target? Let’s assume you use the Arrows as your target. I guess you’re all set right? Wrong!

You need a targeting system.
Assuming you throw a hook, you need 2 points on the lane to advance your skill level.
What are these 2 points and why do you need them?
Well, the 2 points would be:
1 – the Arrows or whatever you target with your eyes
2 – the Breakpoint or what you target with your mind

As we discussed previously, a hooking ball goes through 3 phases from the point you release the ball to the point when it hits the pins: Slide, hook, and roll. What does this have to do with your targeting system? Everything!

Let’s try to keep it simple. Theoretically, you need one single target. But what is that target? Well, it should be the breakpoint. That’s the point where the ball encounters friction, is in the hook phase, and begins to make it’s move to the pocket. This typically is 35 to 40 feet away from you. It’s pretty hard to hit a target 40 feet away consistently.

So what do we do?
We target something closer to increase our chance for accuracy. But that means, we are actually making the targeting system more complex. “How so?” you may ask. Well, now instead of hitting a single point, you actually have to draw a line from the closer target to the actual intended target. So to consistently strike, you really should be hitting your intended target at the breakpoint.

Remember, you may hit your target at the arrows, but not come close to the target at the breakpoint.
That’s because the target at the arrows is not a proxy for the breakpoint.
In other words, this is not the key target and just because you hit your target at the arrows doesn’t mean you’ll hit your target at the breakpoint.

So you need to really consider drawing a line from your visual target to your mental target, in other words visualize a line drawn from the arrows to the breakpoint. Envision your ball rolling over that line.

If you can consistently hit that imaginary line, you’ll be on your way to bigger scores!

4 thoughts on “What is your targeting system?”

  1. I would like to know about various hand positions,also bowling ball layout. My pap is 4x 3 3/8 up can give me several different ball layout for maxium aggressive hook to the pocket.

    1. Hi Ronald, How fast do you throw the ball and how much revs to do you have? How you throw the ball would determine the ideal layouts.

  2. My speed is about 14.5 on qubico monitor PAP is 4-5/8 x 1/2 up rev. about 300. What is a good layout for league HS?

    1. Hi Tom. There are many factors affecting how a ball should be drilled. Depends also on the lane condition, where you are playing the lanes, whether it’s for fresh, transition, or breakdown. If you provide more information, we might be able to help. Hopefully you have a pro shop you really trust as they are the best to suggest a drilling for you as they can see all of those factors for themselves.

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