Winter League is over, what are you doing this Summer?

I always have mixed emotions.  I hear a ton of bowlers who are thanking God that it’s over.  Then there are some who still want more. I personally am in the latter camp.

It is a long season and I hear many say:

“It’s too nice outside to be in here!”
“I’m tired of bowling and need a break”
“Can’t wait until it’s over!”
“Softball season!!”
“Will you bowl in a summer league?”
“I think I’ll just go practice once in a while.”
“I’m bowling a PBAx league this summer”

The last statement only represents a handful of bowlers.  I’m one of them 🙂  I love bowling and don’t like to let a long period of time get in between bowling regularly.  I bowl in “only” 2 leagues during the winter season, a mildly competitive “fun” league and a “money” league.  I always average higher in the more competitive situation.

What do you do in the summer?

I personally like to bowl in some form of organized bowling.  For the past couple of years, I go for once a week on a PBAx league and practice once in a while on open lanes. I like to make sure that the muscle memory I developed all year long sticks. It takes way too many repetitions to affect muscle memory to go almost 3 months without bowling!

For those of you who want to challenge yourself, go ahead and bowl in a PBAx league in the summer. They tend to get fewer entries because…well, it’s summer. Second, many don’t want to be challenged by the more difficult patterns. Challenge yourself with this. See how much more difficult it is on those patterns which are nowhere near as forgiving as a THS. Learn how to make spares without the help of a THS.
For those of you who don’t quite want that challenge, but still want to keep at it, go for a fun summer league. Don’t worry about how “easy” the THS shot might be. If you are honest with yourself, you know if you made a good shot or not!
For those of you who don’t want to commit to bowling when the weather is too nice outside, at least go practice once a week. It won’t be too expensive, most houses offer discounted bowling during the weekdays. It’s a perfect way to not worry about scores and keep that muscle memory going.
For those of who who just don’t want to bowl in the summer, good luck next year! 😉

In the summer, consider bowling to keep muscle memory going, or learn something new. Try a new angle to the pocket. Try to better understand your arsenal. Have fun!

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  1. This summer I plan on mostly working on shooting spares in practice. Everyone can make the layup, but can you make most all your free throws?

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