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Belmo Talks about 2-Handed Bowling

Recently, Jason Belmonte gave TamerBowling.com a live interview where we talked about many things from the Player of the Year race to his favorite food.

In the following two episodes, he discusses 2-handed bowling.

In the first episode he addresses:

  • How it all started
  • How he developed to this level
  • What 2-handed bowling can do for the sport
  • Advantages and disadvantages of this style
  • Any potential injury risks with this style
  • Favorite bowling balls
  • How he dislikes lefties… OK, just kidding

In the second episode he talks about:

  • The Mike Devaney comment
  • Is there resentment on tour for the 2-handed style
  • How he handles the adversity


Episode 1

Episode 2

4 thoughts on “Belmo Talks about 2-Handed Bowling”

  1. When you state, “I believe you are a good ambassador to the sport.” I must agree. I was very disappointed with Rashes temper in the last few years and how he handles himself off camera. However, such is not the case for Belmonte. As he stated in another interview, he is more laid back and his carefree and friendly attitude shows. Jason is the complete package for PBA, not a hot-head, or ego-maniac. Perhaps not as flamboyant as PDW, but nonetheless a wonderful bowler and wonderful person.

    Well done Belmo. Regardless of the outcome, for this household you are player of the year!


    1. I think there is no doubt Jason is one of the more charismatic bowlers on tour. It helps that he’s bowling so well. He also made the point that this “one-hit wonder” that some tried to label him as doesn’t hold water. He’s been on tour 3 years and ranked something like 9th, 4th, and 2nd in points over those three years.
      He is a respectful young man who is clearly on top of the game and brings something different to the sport. I honestly don’t put much stock in the naysayers of 2-handed bowling. Like it or not, I believe we will look back at this time and recognize he started a revolution. In 5 years, a third to half of the bowlers around you will be doing it.

  2. Tamer, this interview is a great get. Congratulations. Belmo is a huge asset to the our sport. Your interview really gave him a chance to demonstrate his charm and charisma.

    Quite interesting about how he had to “manage” his emotions after the 300 game on TV. I remember watching the telecast and at the time, I loved how he didn’t go all PDW in his celebration. His 12th shot was just the best/most confident shot. He stood at the line in perfect balance, seemingly 100% sure that he was going to strike. He knew he had thrown it well. What I didn’t know until watching your interview was how hard it was for him to shove that celebration down, since he had more work to do.

    Thanks for bringing this to us Coach!

    1. Sure thing David. It was a pleasure to speak with Belmo. The approach he took was very professional in terms of looking out for the ultimate goal which was to win the division. I’m sure the fact that he didn’t hoop it up when he shot the 300 will not take anything away from his own memory of the accomplishment, in the long run. The more I watch what he does, the more I consider switching to 2-handed bowling. Hey, they’ll all hate me, a LEFTY 2-Handed bowler… I’ll be banned for sure. 🙂

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