Brunswick Nirvana Bowling Ball Review

The Brunswick Nirvana offers bowlers salvation…

Brunswick Nirvana Bowling Ball

Brunswick Nirvana Pin up Layout
Brunswick Nirvana Pin Down Layout
45×5 1/4×75

Our Tester:
Brandon Hinderer is a PBA Member as well as Brunswick and Vise Staffer.
Power Player: 425 rpm
PAP: 5 3/8 & 7/8 up
Axis tilt: 10-15 degrees
Axis rotation: >45 degrees

Thanks to Jeffrey Smith of Pure It Pro Shop, Lebanon, PA.
Thanks to Limerick Bowl in Limerick, PA.

Test Pattern:
41ft THS, 12:1, 24ml
House: Limerick Bowl, Limerick, PA

Coverstock Prep:
Ball # 1 Grit: 1500, Royal Compound

Ball # 2 Grit: 1500, 4000

Brandon’s Comments:


Length: 7.5 / 10, at least 40 feet before starting to hook
Back End: 9 / 10, Stronger than previous releases with more continuation
Overall Hook: 9 /10, Stronger backend motion but not early hook
Midlane Read: 7 / 10, Doesn’t pick up early
Breakpoint Shape: 8 / 10, Stronger snap on the backend

The new composite coverstock technology combined with a brand new core gives this ball a stronger motion compared to the mastermind series. The cover takes well to surface adjustments and will not absorb oil as quickly allowing it to perform longer in between oil extractions with a revivor or detox machine. This ball doesn’t start up early and retains energy for any style of bowler.

Ball # 1 (45 x 5 1/2″ x 70) – I used this ball in box condition for a few games, and found it to be too strong of a motion with my rev rate. I put royal compound over the box finish, and it still had the strong motion downlane with continuation but allowed it to get through the front of the lane better. Now, I am able to use it on different lane conditions. Even with a pin down drilling, this ball still goes 40 – 45 feet before starting to hook.

Ball # 2 (75 x 5″ x 45) – I drilled this one to go to when my pin down Nirvana starts hooking too much. Like the pin down one, I changed the surface to 4000 because the box was too strong for my rev rate. At 4000, it allows me to use it when the lanes start to break down and I need to move deeper on the lane but still have a strong downlane motion.

If you are looking for a longer lasting, stronger backed motion, more continuation, versatile ball for heavier oil conditions, then the Nirvana is the ball for you!