Storm Alpha Crux Bowling Ball

Storm Alpha Crux Bowling Ball Review

This Crux is definitely the Alpha…


Storm Alpha Crux Layout

First Impressions
The Storm Alpha Crux is really a beast with a strong, consistent move and heavy roll. Very consistent and doesn’t quit. I rarely use this cliche but it had excellent carry due to it’s continuation through the deck. Did I mention consistent…

Our Testers:
Brad Crouse
Tweener: 450 rpm
PAP: 5 & 1 up
Axis tilt: 3 degrees
Axis rotation: 80 degrees
Layout: 70 x 5.25 x 45

Thanks to Jeffrey Smith of Pure It Pro Shop, Lebanon, PA, our partner for ball reviews.
Thanks to Cedar Lanes in Lebanon, PA.

Keep in mind that coverstock accounts for 70% of ball reaction, but the core creates the dynamic shape of the reaction. Your driller will alter the shape to suit your game.

Test Patterns:
41ft THS, 24ml
House: Cedar Lanes, Lebanon, PA

Value 8/10
As a high end piece, the Alpha Crux sports a commensurate price tag. It still offers strong value from what we saw.

The Storm Alpha Crux continues the new GI coverstock, going to the new GI-16™ solid reactive coverstock.
It also continues the use of the Catalyst™ Core in the other Crux line balls. RG 2.50, diff of .052, and intermediate diff of .017. This is a heavy rolling core.

Overall 8.5/10
In the previous Crux balls, we saw smooth but strong motion. The line has always used strong covers combined with this new strong core which makes for a top line ball that is a snow tire with good strong backend motion. The Alpha is definitely the strongest of the bunch. Despite its strength, this ball continues to be usable on more conditions than your typical snow tire. It definitely needs and likes some oil though, don’t get me wrong. When you have lots of hand like our tester, you just get in and find the oil. The ball lays off just right in the midlane to create an extremely heavy rolling motion with excellent consistency. You will not mistake this motion for a middle of the road ball. If you have less hand, you will more likely be able to play near the track and the ball just seems to smooth out over/under like nobody’s business. Get outside to the friction, it can wheel back. Get inside and it stands up just enough to hold the pocket. Either way, it stands up and rolls very heavy through the pins. That is the remarkable aspect to note with this piece.
The limitation is going to be light oil conditions where there is a good likelihood that that ball will lose too much energy and not hit as strong. Find medium or heavy conditions and the ball is at home. I typically lean towards a preference for the Hybrid ball motion in a lineup but to be honest, this solid Alpha really showcases what the Crux line is all about.

Digitrax analysis

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