DV8 Brutal Nightmare Bowling Ball

DV8 Brutal Nightmare Bowling Ball Review with Digitrax Analysis

This thing is definitely Brutal!!!

DV8 Brutal Nightmare Bowling Ball
DV8 Brutal Nightmare core

DV8 Brutal Nightmare Layout
30 x 4 x 80

Our tester:

Michael Raquidan (450 rpm)

We used a pin down layout for the DV8 Brutal Nightmare 30 x 4 x 80. This will allow a earlier read to control the midlane while allowing a booming continuous backend arc. 80 degrees VAL angle is really meant to slow the transition out of the pattern.
Remember that coverstock accounts for 70% of ball reaction, but the core will create the dynamic shape. Your drilling will alter the shape to suit your game and conditions you bowl on. Please work with your local pro shop operator to find what best works for you.

Test Patterns:

THS: Modified Kegel Stone Street, 42 ft, 9.6:1 ratio, 20 ml

First Impressions
This ball is strong and keeps trucking. Really, Mikey can throw this ball that far away from the pocket and still come flying back and this isn’t skid/flip??

Value 8.5/10
The DV8 Brutal Nightmare is typically a bit cheaper than the other manufacturers high end pieces. Given that space in pricing and the versatility, it offers pretty good value for DV8 fans. Also it positions itself to draw new fans.

The Nightmare Low RG core has an RG of 2.505, differential of .052 and mass bias of .013 for a 15 pound ball. It has a light bulb shaped skull core. This is a modern artistic take on the traditional light bulb which has always offered a great smooth but strong reaction.

Cover 8.5/10
The DV8 Brutal Nightmare uses the Class 8 Hybrid Reactive cover finished with 500 Siaair Micro Pad and Rough Buff. This is one of my favorite out of box finishes from any manufacturer. It has a sheen to it but nice strong grit underneath. I’m not personally the biggest fan of the colors but I guess many will like it. I am a fan of hybrid coverstocks though.

THS = 9

DV8 Brutal Nightmare Digitrax analysis
DV8 Brutal Nightmare Digitrax numbers

House Shot – Modified 42ft Stone Street

Mikey had an absolutely great look on this house shot.  The out of box finish and hybrid cover matched up so well with this 42 ft medium volume blended pattern.  Our modified pattern plays tougher than the standard Stone Street, with less forgiveness from the outside.  However, this ball gave Mikey lots of room to throw it away from the pocket.  The ball has a really nice midlane roll, strong arc and just outstanding continuity through the pins.  When you are covering a lot of boards, you can leave some flat corners.  Mikey only seemed to do that when he lost the ball off his hand.  The ball made it back, but without enough energy to snap out the corner.  Nevertheless, less than perfect shots carried most of the time.   One thing to be careful of:  If you slow down a bit, you could also see a big 4.  This ball is strong so you’ve got to be careful with the amount of midlane you get.  So as opposed to balls that you’re afraid will push too far, this is one you can trust will come back.  Just don’t get too soft.

This pin down layout offered excellent versatility with the DV8 Brutal Nightmare.  On this medium volume pattern, Mikey can get deep and not suffer from any real carry issues.  At the same time, if the volume was higher, or the the lanes are playing tighter, he can play more direct and still have a great look.  Always great continuation through the pins.

The 5.3 degrees of entry angle might not look all that impressive on paper but watch this ball on video and you will see how continuous it is through the pins.  Remember that this is a 42 ft pattern so the entry angle will be a little lower than a shorter pattern where the ball will have a lot more boards to cover off the pattern. (Note: there was a small glitch with the Launch MPH on the Digitrax)

Compared to the Diva, the Brutal Nightmare is just a lot more ball.  So while the Brutal Nightmare can be the top line ball in your bag, the Diva is more the benchmark. Depending on what conditions you bowl on, one may be used more than the other.  Both are very continuous through the pins as you will see in the video.

The DV8 Misfit Pearl is a bigger stepdown from the Diva compared to the Brutal Nightmare.  The Misfit Pearl will generate high entry angles, but is much more prone to over/under.  So it’s a ball that should be saved for when the lanes breakdown and you need something to get through the heads.

Overall 8.5/10

The DV8 Brutal Nightmare hits the mark in terms of being a very strong offering.  The hybrid cover matched up to this core makes for a nice overall motion.  One which offers strength in the midlane, punch on the backends and great continuation.  This is a remarkable motion which offers versatility on the lanes and likely work for many bowlers.  Don’t be afraid of letting this ball “do the work”.