Storm Super Natural Bowling Ball Review with Digitrax Analysis

Super Urethane?
Storm’s latest ball set to release in mid-May, the Super Natural is a 3rd generation hybrid urethane piece.
Storm Super Natural Bowling Ball

Storm Super Natural Layout
Stroker: 43 x 3.25 x 26
Storm Super Natural Layout
Tweener: 52 x 4.25 x 32
Storm Super Natural Layout
Cranker: 68 x 2 5/8 x 45

Our testers:
Stroker: Jeff Dalton (300 rpm)
Tweener: Norm Santos (350 rpm)
Cranker: Sean “Revz” Patterson (565 rpm)

Eric Deaton, Storm Staffer of Strike Mor Pro Shop drilled our test equipment.
Layouts are in the pictures above. Tweener and Cranker will get medium flare while the Stroker will get large flare potential.  Cranker will get a little later transition than the other bowlers while all will get a quicker transition. However, with Urethane, you will generally a pretty smooth motion from any bowler. Your drilling will alter the shape to suit your game and conditions you bowl on. Please work with your local pro shop operator to find what best works for you.

Test Patterns:
THS: Modified Kegel Stone Street, 42 ft, 20 ml

NOTE: We used a second shift instead of fresh to simulate what bowlers might be seeing with lower volumes.

First Impressions
Beautiful ball! This ball is perfect for this condition. Smooth and very controllable for all testers.

Price 7.5/10
In the end, it’s urethane and it will be limited to conditions suitable for a urethane reaction.

The Turbine core is a classic light bulb shape with a flip block. Very versatile and predictable movement with good strength. This core has an RG of 2.55 and Differential of .038 for a 15 pound ball and is a perfect compliment to the urethane cover.

Cover 8/10
Storm calls the cover on the Super Natural the U3S Hybrid Urethane. Basically it’s a 3rd generation with pearl and solid content. While I don’t think there is a major difference from one urethane cover to the next, this one seems to offer just a bit more aggression than the last generation.



Storm Super Natural Digitrax Analysis

Storm Super Natural Digitrax Numbers

Jeff saw a very easy and predictable movement from the Super Natural.  He doesn’t typically have any need to use Urethane on any condition as he has low-medium revs with high tilt which gives him natural push. This was a pleasant surprise.  He gave the Super Natural a small 2 board belly going 7 to 5.  The Natural was just walking into the pocket shot after shot.  Jeff was able to get 4.5 degrees of entry angle which is plenty for good carry.

Norm also enjoyed a really easy line to the pocket.  Again, only a 2 board belly but 9 to 7 which allows him to use a bit more oil than Jeff since he’s got a higher rev rate.  He had 4.2 degrees of entry angle but again had great carry.  The Super Natural just starts to read the lane early and smoothly drives to the pocket.

Urethane is right up Sean’s alley since he predominantly uses urethane on typical house shots.  Of course Sean can give a urethane ball more room than our other testers, in this case going about 12 to 6.  That’s a lot of motion for a urethane ball but this ball can do that.  The predictability combined with Sean’s rev rate gave him lots of room.  He generated 5.2 degrees of entry angle.  He did get push at times which is due to the polished out of box finish.  I think this ball would give him even more room and predictability if we removed the polish.

Storm continues the urethane trend, improving on the Natural by adding the Super Natural.  It may be hard to justify another urethane ball if you already have one.  But if you still haven’t picked one up for lighter conditions, this ball worked extremely well for all 3 testers.  In fact, this reaction is more predictable than the Tropical Breeze line for this type of condition.  The Super Natural will start up earlier and be smoother at the transition while the Tropical Breeze is cleaner but will react more aggressively down lane.  Not to be superficial, but this ball does look great. The hybrid blend in red is a classic.