Tamer’s Favorite Solid Symmetric Bowling Balls 2018-2019

This time I want to share my personal favorites when it comes to Solid Symmetric balls. This is interesting as we see a wide variety of shapes in this category.
Do you think you will be surprised at my personal favorites? Well let’s find out…

#5 Ebonite Gamebreaker 2
This ball has been around forever, well in some form or fashion. I had this back when it was the V2 Sanded. Then the Gamebreaker. Then the tweaked Gamebreaker 2. In the end these are the smoothest most predictable balls I think there have ever been. When I say smooth I don’t mean they don’t have backend. They just transition through the skid hook roll phaze so smoothly. It remains in the Gamebreaker 3 as well. I can’t see Ebonite running without these in the lineup.

#4 Storm HyRoad X
Storm HyRoad X Bowling Ball
In the end the Hyroad X tries to run a very similar game as the gamebreaker 2 with it’s silky smooth shape but it does it with a pretty different formula, at least on paper. However the core shapes are not drastically different and this cover is very smooth. This is a very good versatile piece. It’s one I could probably throw all night in league.

#3 Motiv Forge
Motiv Forge Bowling Ball
Here’s where I diverge from the previous 2 balls. The Forge gives me that big ball look but in a symmetric shape. I just feel like I can trust it. Meaning I feel like it won’t puke on me. It’s always going to relatively smoothly but make the transition early and drive. This isn’t one that I could use all night on THS but it’s also one I’m more likely able to use on tougher shots more frequently which gives it a nod over the previous balls.

#2 Hammer Web Tour
Hammer Web Tour Edition Bowling Ball
Another different shape but one that flew to the top of the heap. This ball uses that “tour” formula which is basically going cover heavy with a low RG but more importantly low differential core. It makes it smooth and predictable. It is very playable on many conditions. It can be used on house where it really shapes downlane. It can come off the spot surprisingly strong. At the same time I can use it almost like a “urethane-plus” shape meaning when a strong urethane ball isn’t quite carrying on shorter patterns, the Web Tour can easily come into play and give me urethane like forgiveness but reactive drive. The versatility is really up there, especially if you’re like me and bowl sport and house shots frequently.

#1 Storm Phaze II
Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball
Would you say my #1 is different than the rest? Heck yeah. The funny thing is while these balls really are vastly different, their biggest asset is their versatility. This ball when new comes off the spot almost like an asym. Then it calms down into an amazingly versatile symmetric.

Alright, this is one where I’m not quite done. Since balls are constantly being released, there’s always something that right on the heels. With that said, I couldn’t finish without mentioning one of the newer pieces I am absolutely falling in love with. The re-release of the Track Triton Elite is the one I’m referring. It’s quickly becoming a favorite with being a medium solid that still has very reliable backend which makes me feel I don’t have an out of bounds. Suffice it to say this will be vying for a top 5 spot in a future installment.

There it is. There are some pretty good balls that all have different characteristics and made the top 5 for various reasons but all earned top marks for me personally.