Ryan and Bradley finish 1-2, qualify for PA Pepsi Tournament Finals

I am proud to announce recent results for two of my regular ball reviewers. Ryan Hauck and Bradley Crouse finished 1-2, respectively, in the boys scratch division in District 9 of the Pepsi Championships, run by the Pennsylvania State USBC Youth Association. In addition to winning scholarship money, the qualify for the Championship finals.

The Pepsi Championship is a singles championship event in a stepladder format. Bowlers must first qualify from their leagues into districts. Once they get past districts, they move onto States.

Ryan shot 679 on route to his first place finish while Bradley shot 658 to finish second.  Both bowled in the youth scratch division.   Ryan used his Ebonite Lanebreaker while Bradley showed off his Storm Victory Road.

They will both be competing in the Finals in Butler, PA in May.

Best of luck to both!