Alright by now you should have checked out several of my favorites for 2019-2020 and the new categorization that’s intended to help you create an arsenal. Today, I will be looking at my favorite Mid Late Category. This category is essentially the balls that are cleaner than your Mid Control balls and more angular, typically your step down when the lanes open up. They can always have more uses depending on your style or if you alter surface finishes. Again, if you haven’t watched the category explanation video, please check it out.

#5 Storm Emerald IQ
The #5 ball in the Mid Late category is the Storm Emerald IQ. Before you crucify me how this ball could only be #5, keep in mind this is my personal view and I simply do not have this ball in my bag. The good is that it is a very good ball. Clean, smooth but punchy. It’s kind of like a baby Mid Control ball which makes perfect sense for a Mid Late ball. The bigger issue is that it almost falls into the next category down for me as a lefty which is the Weak Category. Fundamentally, I rarely see the conditions to use this ball. Even with surface, I prefer other balls. But to my eye, I do love this motion. So for some, this ball is a no-brainer. Because it somehow straddles the line between Mid Late and Weak for me, it tops out at #5.

#4 900 Global Honey Badger Extreme Pearl
Might seem strange to have a pearl asym in this slot but the 900 Global Honey Badger Extreme Pearl is my #4. I called it a baby No Rules Pearl. If the No Rules Pearl slots into the Mid Angular, this one slots into Mid Late. The big thing with this one is that it easily feels like a stepdown but very controllable. It responds to friction but relatively slowly for a pearl which makes it controllable but still punchy. I’ve had a few opportunities to slot this ball in the bag.

#3 Roto Grip MVP Pearl
#3 is a bit more typical of what you might think to put in this slot, the Roto Grip MVP Pearl. This easily fits into the Mid Late category. It’s clean but not as long as you would think. Because the ball still wants to read near the end of the pattern rather than way after and still has great backend motion, that makes it a ball that you can confidently slot there. I call this slot Mid Late, but these are the type of balls I enjoy there. I actually still want to get some read, not have a really long and snappy look which would fit more in the Weak catch all category.

#2 Hammer Rhodman Pearl
I couldn’t have the top 5 without this ball. Granted, another ball that probably has very limited availability now with the acquisition by Brunswick. However, a Hammer staffer rarely had a TV show appearance and not throw one at some point. It has the same characteristics I described for the MVP Pearl. Clean yes but still reads the end of the pattern instead of scooting long past it. And it has a strong late move. It should be a great compliment to your Mid Control ball. Time will tell what Brunswick offers in it’s place.

#1 Brunswick Melee Jab SE, Motiv Supra
Some might think the world has been flipped upside down. I have a tie with my top Mid Late and neither is from the Utah brands. The Brunswick Melee Jab SE and the Motiv Supra are my top picks here. The Melee Jab has been a great ball since the first release and continued with the SE. It’s like Brunswick’s Marvel Pearl. Too bad Storm doesn’t have that anymore or that definitely makes this list. But back to the winners, the Melee Jab again feels easy to get down lane but because of the rolly core, it doesn’t read too late and has that boomy rounded angular motion. It’s very reliable and I love that in this slot. For the other ball, Motiv has come a long way when it comes to pearl coverstock technology. In that regard, the Supra is a spectacular piece. And while EJ Tackett might make every ball look great, the Supra is the best look I’ve ever had in a Motiv pearl. It’s a little closer to a flippy ball than the Melee Jab. Similar length but a bit more backend. In the end both balls are easily the top of the my options when it comes to filling the Mid Late Category in my arsenal.

Are there other balls out there that fit in this category? Absolutely. My list is not meant to say those aren’t good balls. But these are my personal favorites. Hopefully you picked up on some nuggets of wisdom on arsenal building on the way while indulging me with sharing my personal favorites.

Again if you haven’t checked out the personal favorites explanation, do watch as it helps you understand the groupings and how I build an arsenal. Don’t forget to subscribe and click the bell to get notifications.