Track 919C Bowling Ball Digitrax Analysis Review


Track 919C Digitrax Analysis
Track 919C Digitrax Analysis

Kyle Hartzell of BowlerX is our tester for the Track 919C. The testing was performed on a medium house tapered shot.

Kyle launches the ball 17.5 mph and the ball enters the pocket at 16 mph. He’s targeting just inside the 3rd arrow out to 7 at the breakpoint of about 42 ft. Kyle is able to generate 7 degrees of entry angle, even though this ball is on the stronger side.  Normally balls on the higher end track earlier, bleeding some energy.  However, this ball seems to track with enough strength and good backend motion.  So although he’s getting a bit deep towards the 4th arrow, this ball stores plenty of energy without looking like a skid/flip ball.

This ball really suits it’s control label and is a fantastic addition for Track.  For those interested in a strong but controllable ball motion, this is a good candidate.

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