Motiv Comparison: Mythic Jackal vs Trident Horizon vs Iron Forge

Welcome back. Let’s take a quick look at these 3 balls, the Mythic Jackal, Trident Horizon, and Iron Forge and how they compare on the lanes. Mythic Jackal and Trident Horizon are both hybrid asyms. The Iron Forge is a pearl symmetric. Mythic and Iron Forge have the surface at 5000 LSP while the Trident Horizon has 4000 LSS. With this info, the results should be predictable and in this case they are. As you look at these shots, you will note that the Mythic is a bigger rolling ball with a pretty responsive reaction to friction. It generates the most entry angle. The Trident Horizon while also being strong, stronger in fact, but by contrast has a smoother response. It starts transitioning before the end of the pattern due to surface. Finally the Iron Forge is about as long as the Mythic but a little smoother. It has a big core but the symmetric core has a different roll characteristic.

Here’s the comparison chart:

They are in the same box but there is differentiation. You can see if you look at angularity, it goes Mythic, Iron Forge, then Horizon. If you look at strength, it goes Horizon, Mythic, then Iron Forge. So what does this mean? Mythic and Horizon are strong enough overall to be Mid Defined in the bag. But I’d pick one. The Iron Forge is a step below these and puts it in Mid Late. It’s just below the mid point in that box and therefore offers a different enough reaction to be downstream from the other 2.

There you have it. Hopefully a simple way to look at a somewhat complex situation of so many balls and so little slots in the bag.