Storm IQ Tour Emerald Bowling Ball

Storm IQ Tour Emerald Bowling Ball Review

We’re Off To See The Wizard…

First Impressions
What a pretty piece. Rolls just like you remember. Long, arc, and go.

Our Testers:
Tamer Elbaga (Lefty)
Style: Tweener
RPM: 375 rpm
PAP: 5 & 3/8 up
Average Speed: 18.5 mph (at release)
Axis tilt: low
Axis rotation: medium/high
Test Equipment: 14 Pounds
Layout: 65 x 5 x 40
Intent: Medium/long roll with a medium transition at the breakpoint

Bryan Hoffman (Righty)
Style: Higher Tilt Stroker
RPM: 280 rpm
PAP: 4 1/4 & 1/8 down
Average Speed: 17.5 mph (at release)
Axis tilt: high
Axis rotation: medium
Test Equipment: 14 Pounds
Layout: 65 x 4.5 x 35
Intent: Medium roll with a slow transition at the breakpoint

Thanks to Jeff Smith and Pure It Bowling for drilling our equipment.
Buy the Storm IQ Tour Emerald at
Thanks to Limerick Bowl in Limerick, PA.

“Keep in mind that coverstock accounts for 70% of ball reaction, but the core creates the dynamic shape of the reaction. Your driller will alter the shape to suit your game.”

Test Pattern:
THS: 40ft, 23ml
Sport: Boardwalk: 35ft, 24 ml, 2:1 ratio

The IQ Tour Emerald is going to be worth every penny. This isn’t a hard call. Benchmark pearl that works for a lot of people.

The Storm IQ Tour Emerald uses the C3 Centripetal Control (symmetrical) core inside the R2S pearl coverstock.
15 pound = RG of 2.49, diff of .029
14 pound = RG of 2.54, diff of .034
Coverstock finish: 1500 grit polished

Sport: B+

This review is one to just watch and take in as it is essentially a re-release of the IQ Tour Pearl and IQ Tour 30. The C3 Centripetal core has a low RG and low diff offering smooth control. The R2S pearl is still clearly one of the best coverstocks in the business and has withstood the test of time. Cliche easy length but then you get a smooth arcing transition that keeps coming on. And while the IQ Tour has remained a staple, this is the one I find more versatile. While the solid is smooth on smooth, this one is smooth with some pop. While the smooth on smooth is great to control sport shots, with my medium rev rate and being on the left side, it was not useful on house shots. With the Pearl, house is no problem while I can still use surface to give it control on sport shots. It does react to friction so if you play too close you will get over reaction. Compared to the IQ Tour, you can see just that smooth reaction throughout the lane.

Bryan also had a great look with the IQ Tour Emerald. Did you expect anything else? He can play it relatively close to the friction and it generated smooth but strong angle with continuation. He had miss room left and right and just about couldn’t miss. As the lanes break down a bit, some 10 pins creep in. Nevertheless, this was a super easy look to the pocket for Bryan. Again, this is almost elementary at this stage.

Sport Shot
We tested on the 35 ft Kegel Boardwalk pattern. Honestly I loved the reaction of the IQ Tour Emerald on the sport shot. Still pretty easy to get to the pocket with that smooth but strong arcing downlane motion. I would have clearly benefitted from some minor surface adjustment to get it to read just a touch earlier for less corner pins. Nevertheless, I felt extremely comfortable on a pretty flat pattern not really worrying about overreaction even though it is a shiny pearl.
For Bryan, it was a bit weaker than say the Marvel Pearl so he had to get a bit more direct. Once he found that, he could get the ball to drive and take out the corners. It probably was a little finicky as there was a defined spot where if he got outside just a pinch it drove too hard and if he moved another board left, it would leave a corner. This would be more of a step down ball for Bryan.

Final Thoughts
Is there a whole lot left to say about the IQ Tour Pearl in whatever color that hasn’t been said? It’s a great benchmark pearl ball. It’s control but angular. When you can have those 2, it’s a solid recipe for success on both house and sport shots. We really enjoyed it so we’re off to see the wizard.