Switching to 2-Hand Bowling

It appears the time has come. We’ve been watching Jason Belmonte for years now dominate the PBA Tour. Anybody paying attention can see the youth coming up wanting to bowl 2-handed. Why? Power? It’s enticing. Rev rate is easily generated without a thumb in the ball. At the same time, there has been much debate and discussion about the impact 2-handed bowling will have on the body. Oh this will go, oh that will go, etc. The body of evidence is mounting and the truth is traditional bowling is fraught with injuries coming from a very 1-sided sport. It puts a toll on the body.

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know I’ve had my fair share of injuries. Torn bicep, torn SL ligament, wrist surgery, tendonitis, labral tear in my hip. The list goes on but that’s more than enough to make me start feeling like I’m no longer enjoying the sport. It’s no fun feeling like every time I get out there, I will come home with some pain or injury for the next few days or weeks. Numerous times, I’ve gone into a tournament feeling good, only to have enough pain that I can’t continue effectively. Tentative bowling in competition is losing bowling. I feel awful that i’m losing my desire to participate in the sport I love so much. But my body is speaking and I need to start listening.

With that said I’ve debated half-heartedly to switch to 2-handed bowling over the years. It never happened as my game is well-developed. It’s hard to imagine relearning something you feel like you know so well. I give Luke Rosdahl a lot of credit for pretty effectively switching from Righty to Lefty, also due to injury. But that is difficult. I have no desire to relearn as a righty as that feels extremely far. However, the notion of attempting 2-hands has become more and more intriguing. Could this switch ease all of these pains? Could it actually be effective? Could I generate the speed I need to get the ball downlane or will I just have to use a urethane ball 24/7? Previously, it wasn’t worth finding out. Now though, it’s time.

It’s finally time I give this a real shot. So what I will be doing is chronicling the training and transition. I will continue competing 1-handed for now until some point where I feel I can actually compete 2-handed. What exactly that means I don’t know right now. Maybe when I get to 175 I’ll switch. Maybe more. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll try to stream the practice sessions and talk through the techniques I’m working on. May look good. May look ugly. I’m sure there will be many gutter balls thrown.

Hopefully you’ll stick with me through this journey. Maybe it will help others who may also be suffering and no longer enjoying the sport consider another option. I’m certainly not expecting it to be a cure all and if done incorrectly can bring in it’s own problems and injuries. But let’s give it a shot and see where it goes.

See you soon out on the lanes.

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