Tamer’s Favorite Solid Asymmetric Bowling Balls 2018-2019

This time I want to share my personal favorites when it comes to Solid asymmetric balls. I was at first thinking, I don’t throw too many solid symmetric balls but when I do… OK I wasn’t going to go Dos Equis on you but here we go.
So let’s jump in. Again, these are my personal best of list. What works for me.

#5 Hammer Statement
Hammer Statement Bowling Ball
This is a new entry and it can be hard to make such a list. But to be honest I liked the reaction so much pretty early, when I compared to what else I’ve thrown it really wasn’t hard to pick up this slot. It’s obviously strong, in fact the strongest in my top 5. It’s really strong in the mid lane and still packs a big punch down lane going through the pins. I’m really looking forward to throwing this more on high volume sport shots. I love when a ball overwhelms a pattern because when you see shape you relax.

#4 Ebonite Matrix Solid
Ebonite Matrix Solid Bowling Ball
This one is a little incognito but if you want to see what it can do, all you have to do is watch Jordan Richard on the PWBA and Dom Barrett role it. It covers medium high volume patterns and certainly less ball than the Statement but also more usable. The bottom line is it shapes. Again, that’s key for me. It definitely turns over. I feel like this ball doesn’t get much attention but it’s a sleeper folks.

#3 Track Tactix
Track Tactix Bowling Ball with Core
The EBI family marches on in my top 5 solid asyms. I feel like this is another sleeper out there but the Tactix is a phenomenal ball. It is second tier strength compared to say the Statement. Mild asym like the Matrix but shapes very differently. It start early and rolls heavy but very versatile. You can swing the lane with it while typically this type of roll can struggle to carry covering lots of boards. That’s what makes it special. Control and trust. I love the baby blue color as well. I’m a bit nostalgic like that.

#2 Motiv Villain
Motiv Villain Bowling Ball
This was a tough one for me because it was a toss up between #1 and #2. This ball has been phenomenal for me. The cover is middle strength which means it is much more usable than your heavy oilers. Plus having a solid for me from the left side gave me a consistent motion smoothing out the typical fresh over/under. I just scored huge when throwing this ball on house. I trusted it completely and was an absolute stalwart for me.

#1 Motiv Jackal Ghost
Motiv Jackal Ghost Bowling Ball
As I had mentioned this was a bit of a toss up. But finally I had to give the top slot to the Ghost. This ball was usable on house even though it was pretty strong. It forced me deep but I still carried so had no reason not to just use it. It worked on high volume sport shots. It worked on short patterns. It just worked. I wore this thing out. Thoroughly enjoyed tossing the Jackal Ghost.

There it is. There are some pretty good balls that all have different characteristics and made the top 5 for various reasons but all earned top marks for me personally.